Slimming World Weigh In #3 - A Home Crosstrainer.

I've just returned from another weigh-in and am a little disheartened with a piddly half a pound loss. 

I’d really made an effort to keep on track this week. I walked lots and food optimised the majority of the time. 

...Well, aside enjoying a Cadbury’s Oreo chocolate bar to accompany a Netflix marathon of “Stranger Things” and refusing to switch deliciously fattening buttery goodness for luminous yellow chemical based gunk on my HE wholemeal toast. 

You have to keep some luxuries huh?!

I have also been going at it like a mad woman on my new home cross trainer. 

Determined for it not to become another fitness related novelty destined for life as a clothes horse before being listed on Gumtree at a 98% discount, I’ve been making efforts to find time to jump on and actually use it. 

So much so I gave myself a bad case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and was walking around like the star of “Anal Angels 6” for the best part of two days afterwards. That’ll teach me for not warming up first after sitting on my arse for the best part of six months. 

But never mind using it for it’s intended purpose - I reckon the manufactures are missing a trick with their marketing by not mentioning the free workout included in order to rig the blasted thing up!

My friend Courtney and I - whom is far more patient and actually bothers to read instructions before pulling every nut and bolt flying from the blister packs across various corners of the room - set about putting it together. 

Honestly, I think rebuilding a 1:1 scale replica of the Titanic with my limited Ikea toolbox would’ve been an easier feat. 

In theory all that needed adding to the ready built magnetic wheel mechanism was the arms, digital display and foot paddles but the poorly worded instruction manual with a variant of shoddily labelled screws, nuts and bolts of fractionally different sizes made it a right pain. 

Thankfully with Courtney’s patience and with me being about as helpful as a chocolate teapot playing DJ finding music to listen to whilst we got our build on, we (Courtney) managed to eventually put it together. We were so zonked out by the end of it (I’ve got a cheek considering the most I did was skip track-to-track between cheesy 90’s tunes!) - that it got shifted to one side and not actually used until the following day. 

I wouldn’t mind but the blurb of the machine online prided itself on it’s simple one-man set up. Perhaps the battery in their bluetooth keyboard ran out before they could add …if you’re an octopus. 

Now it’s up and running it’s actually an impressive bit of kit. You can set your workout via time, distance, calories or fat burned on a nifty digital display. 

There’s 8 different resistance levels and a handy tablet holder, which makes it easier to keep occupied with the assistance of catch-up TV or Spotify accessible on your iPad a finger swipe away. (You can follow me and said shite 90’s playlists on Spotify here if you like!)

Food wise I made nothing of note; a veggie biryani that I added too much spice after tapping the bottom of the chilli jar with the coagulated ground mix refusing to budge. After a few more heavy handed bonks the entire contents flew out and into the pain resulting in the spiciest Indian dish this side of Mumbai. 

I also made some skinless jerk chicken with salad which is one of my Slimming World no-fuss go to's. Most of my lunches have been healthy salads too, although admittedly they were often washed down with calorific iced lattes which was possibly detrimental to this weeks result. 

The only foreseeable obstacle for the coming week is that I’m off to one of those fancy sofa cinemas that include snacks with the price of the ticket. Now being a tight-fisted mare who likes to get my money’s worth, I’m not banking on my willpower to ignore unlimited nachos, popcorn, pick ’n’ mix and fizzy drinks in favour of bringing my own apple and a warm bottle of water. 

I’m also going toying with the idea of attempting a vegetarian diet for the next 7 days to see if that makes any difference to my loss or overall wellbeing.

...I guess I’ll find out next week! 

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  1. I've just had my 3rd weigh in on Slimming World and although I lost 1.5lbs this week I've only lost a total of 3.5lb since I've started! It's so frustrating isn't it to step on the scales and see the digital screen barely register a loss :(? Enjoy your cinema night, sounds like it will be a lot of fun (and tasty snacks, mmmmm nachos!)

    The Life of Dee

  2. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!