Slimming World: Weight in 1

I missed my first weigh-in! 

In my efforts to be healthy I bought a low calorie ready meal for a quick lunch and gobbled it unknowing the blasted thing was two days out of date. 

Well you can probably guess the rest; confined to the bed clutching my tummy, feeling sorry for myself and contemplating the merits of suing Tesco’s for nearly bumping me off by flogging a bacterial village alongside my Healthy Living Malaysian curry.

I will say one thing in the defence of frozen chips, crisps and chocolate - you don’t have to worry about their short shelf life and it’s consequences!

To be completely honest, had I been able to attend I wouldn’t have expected the drastic loss most have their first week on plan anyway. 

I was relatively on track the majority of the week, but attended a festival at the weekend where I possibly consumed my weekly syn intake in one day on cider alone. I’m hopeful the hours of dancing restored some balance, but I had also spontaneously eaten out at Bryon Burger midweek after walking past and accidentally falling inside.

Exercise wise I picked up where I left off with my favourite yoga program. Well, I say picked up where I left off, it’s amazing how quickly your body becomes un-used to exercise. 

I had previously moved onto the intermediate level but after finding some of the poses a struggle, I’ve admitted defeat and resorted back to beginners again which has dented my chakra somewhat! 

Food-wise I cooked some lovely dinners; the Slimming World Katsu Curry which tastes identical to Wagamamas and felt like a real treat. I do add syns for the ease of using microwavable rice instead of cooking my own though, as I seem capable of only pouring out rice in quantities enough to feed the whole of Africa for a year.  

I also tried the Joojeh kebabs which are featured in the most recent Slimming World magazine. (Pictured above

These were okay, although I’m not sure the soaked saffron and overnight yoghurt marinade brought anything to the table aside a load of pissing about 24 hours before hand. I’d probably ignore that step if I were to make them again. 

The week ahead see’s no barriers aside an erratic day Wednesday which could prove problematic, but there shouldn’t be many excuses. I’ll try my best to stick at it and will be throwing myself straight back into the world of dogging...

…of the downward facing, yogi kind of course!

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