Slimming World Weigh In & A TGI Friday's Debacle.

I didn’t get the opportunity to type up last weeks weigh in post - sorry! I only managed a measly 1.5lb loss anyway. I say only as most newbies make a decent dent their first week back on plan. I did lose five pounds in membership fees though! Still, I mustn’t grumble, a loss is a loss in right direction huh? 

This week was a little better with 2.5lb off which I will happily take after ambitiously declaring that I’m going to "go for three" when asked my aim for the week ahead. 

Is it an unwritten rule everyone has to say 2lb when that question’s asked? No one ever seems to say any more or less than 2lb? “Just a loss” crops up often, but that's usually met with the consultant barking back with steam bellowing out of their ears that they need an "actual number to put in the system please!!"

The scales were rather generous to me this week considering TGI Friday’s was paid an impromptu visit after we drove past and realised we haven’t eaten all the food groups smothered in Jack Daniel’s sauce for a while. 

Mind you, there was no danger in piling on the pounds necking back those TGI's cocktails let me tell you! 

I ordered a cucumber gin concoction (cucumber - speed food, tick!) that was listed in the cocktail menu priced up at £6.80. Having taken a shine to gin of late I was looking forward to enjoying a drink similar to the enticing image displayed in the drinks menu.

Well, when the ruddy thing arrived there was literally two squirts of liquid - if that - in the martini glass. I know those glasses aren’t huge anyway but it literally arrived half full - or half empty if you're a pessimist/greedy cow like me.  

I wish I was wildly exaggerating for comedic value for this post but nope! The waitress had the audacity to plonk the glass below as is, on the table with the intention of charging me (quite extortionately given the ingredients) for the privilege. 

I’ve read one too many food tampering horror stories in Take A Break magazine over the years to go about complaining in restaurants willynilly. Particularly before the food has arrived. I only tend to grumble if the experience is particularly dire or there is just cause to have a whinge, and on this occasion the evidence was in my favour that there was. 

The server, who in all fairness looked like she’d just been separated from the umbilical cord so had yet acquired the life skills needed to engage with other humans, said: “I fink it’s cos dare iz a lot ov alcohol in dat one, itz menta be small lyke dat I fink. It duz luk strong doe!” 

Firstly, how does a drink "look strong" unless Jason Momoa's bench pressing 100KGs on it, or it's simultaneously being used as paint stripper to remove TGI's hideous Americana themed decor off the walls. And secondly, why not just admit the error? If it's meant to look like that then someone needs to tell the prop assistant during the photoshoot for the drinks menu, as in it's current form I'm quietly confident it's breaching a few points under the Trade Descriptions Act. 

“Sorry,” I butted in "I know it isn't your fault as you didn’t make it, but I am not paying nearly £7 for that" 

Now I wasn't pedantic enough to bothering mentioning the tiny detail that there was no sign of the sprig of mint as advertised in the menu either…but there was no sprig of mint as advertised in the menu either!! 

I often drink in the City, so I know an overpriced cocktail when I see one, but at least the bars of Liverpool Street have the decency to give the illusion of grandeur with uprooted plant life sticking out the glass. 

To be honest I should have learned my lesson years ago. TGI’s for some reason was always the restaurant of choice for our teenage birthday celebrations amongst my group of friends.

I recall even back then, the “Ultimate” cocktails consisted of glass bowls filled with so much ice that I'm pretty sure an Eskimo would shake their head disapprovingly and say that's a bit much! 

Almost a tenner a time to boot too! In hindsight that cash could have kept me in One2One PAYG credit or garish Stargazer eyeshadow palettes instead. 

Anyway, I sent the drink back, got the cocktail shot deducted from the bill and settled for a diet coke instead. That’ll teach me. 

Avoiding desert in TGI's in fear of being given a TicTac in place of a sundae, we opted to grab a box of Krispy Kreme on our way home instead where I managed to polish off three donuts. 

So yeah, 2.5lb loss sees me alright with all things considered.

I also bought an elliptical trainer for use at home, but more on that next week… 

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