Back To Slimming World....Again.

Since Easter my big plan to go it alone without the support of attending a Slimming World group has fallen flat on it’s arse. And talking of arses, mine has gotten bigger.

Whilst I find making time to attend the sessions a bind, I do feel I need that weekly weigh-in to offer some accountability for my greedy mid-week actions. 

Besides, I’m sick of wandering into Topshop and eyeing up a rail of pretty clothes only to waltz out again with a face like a grieving cod because I can only find stock up to a size 12. What follows is a counterproductive strop to a bakery for a slice of cake whilst I seriously contemplate the merits of accessorising the two-man tent in the window of Mountain Warehouse. 

The main gripe I have with the plan - aside the once a week gathering to hear Mrs Ramsbottoms’ 20 minute explanation for gobbling 18 fry ups the past week - is Slimming Worlds tendency to need most low or syn free recipes, time consumingly cooked from scratch. I appreciate this issue of convenience has been mildly addressed in the form of Iceland exclusive ready meals, which to be frank taste about as palatable as the underside of a tramps fingernail. 

I do enjoy cooking but after a long day the last thing I can be bothered to do is spend 60 minutes in the kitchen prepping a meal that I’m already ravenous for, not to mention later tackle the stack of washing up that’s left behind. So, despite spending a small fortune on my meal plans' ingredients for the week, I find myself reaching for the take-out menus because I’m a lazy oaf. 

Seasoned Slimming Worlders’ advice to tackle this is to precook meals on a Sunday for the days ahead. This is all well and good if you don’t have a life outside of your kitchen, but honestly - who has the time (or wants to?) spend a quarter of their weekend a slave to the oven?! 

Perhaps these are the kind of excuses that often sees me failing; it’s not as though I have snotty faced, shit machine yelling “Mummmm” baying for my attention as an excusable distraction. (Although a 30-something fiancé can be as equally demanding.) 

Other excuses I’ve conjured up is blaming the recent piss awful weather. Refusing to consume a summer salad on an overcast day. Torrential downpours and thunderstorms giving me the perfect excuse to shy away from a workout, instead snuggling under a duvet shovelling a bag of Minstrels into my gob. Never mind the fact that I don’t want to walk to the sports centre in the rain wearing puddle absorbing Nike Juvenile’s - trainers that I had ironically bought specifically for use in the gym! 

So, for my trillionth attempted I’m going back to Slimming World and I’m going to try and find the time to blog the journey - for my own accountability than for anything else. 

I know Slimming World works if you stick to it as I have done well following food optimisation in the past. I just need to have a root around to find that will power again...

…and perhaps some ear plugs to drown out Mrs Ramsbottom. 

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