The Actify Revelation: The Perfect Slimming World Actifry Chips

As you can probably tell by my lack of updates, attending Slimming World meetings has taken somewhat of a back seat. This is mostly due to the fact that the new intake of post-Christmas slimmers seem to have stuck around for a lot longer than usual, resulting in the “image therapy” sessions dragging on way longer then the 30-ish minutes I was previously accustomed to. 

For someone who conscientiously doesn’t eat before weigh-in (every little helps), sitting hungry in a freezing church crypt for well over an hour whilst certain members recount - in more thorough detail than a gynaecology exam - absolutely everything that’s passed their lips the past 7 days, made the effort of attending each week a laborious chore.

I appreciate for some, Slimming World meetings are as much of a social gathering as they are a weight loss tool but my decision to doink it on the head came about when a rotund lady who’s not yet acquired a book of shiny stickers to qualify her as the resident doll-er out-er of advice, had gotten comfortable on her weekly soap box of “Well, what you should do is…”  

Now I’m more than happy to take advice from successful or progressing slimmers but there’s nowt worse than being dictated to by someone who doesn’t practice what they preach. Particularly when they're butting in after every persons turn. I don’t pay a fiver to have an Evans clad know-it-all passive aggressively wag their chubby, sovereign-ringed finger around, interrupting the consultant every 2 minutes with her virtuous take on…well…every-ruddy-thing. 

To be fair I think most groups have a character like this but being British we quietly entertain it or roll our eyes discreetly to other kindred spirits who also acknowledge the fact that some of us have homes to go to. 

To cut a long story short, it was starting to take up too much of my Monday evenings with the sessions rolling on for far too long.

I have still persevered with cooking “The Slimming World Way” mind. Buying the magazine, following my favourite SW blogs for recipes and updates, as well as dragging myself to the gym. 

...Although I’ve equally been generous with my share of sweet treats, eating out often and being dismissive when ordering calorie heavy cocktails, safe in the knowledge I won’t be answerable to anyone on the scales once the weekend has rolled over.

I bit the bullet and weighed myself today and surprisingly have managed to maintain a steady weight, albeit not the weight I want to be, but at least I haven’t put on as I had feared. 

And I celebrated this brilliant news with a custard donut. 

I noticed Actifry’s were repeatedly mentioned on my favourite blogs as a great addition to your kitchen arsenal if you're following the Slimming World plan. I'd had one tucked in my Amazon wishlist for some time, but was always dubious it was going to join the rest of the kitchen gadgets stashed away after being used just the once. I bought a jug blender & a juicer then decided both were too bulky for my worktop so swapped them for a Nutri-bullet which quickly joined the steamer and spiriliser in the cupboard after learning juicing fruit is a syn-tastic Slimming World no-no.

I decided to finally pick one up when I spotted it on offer in Tesco for eighty quid.  


I’ve now had it for around 2 months and whilst my Actifry recipe repertoire hasn’t stretched further than roast potatoes or chips, I don’t mind because it makes the latter so bloody well. 

I think a big catalyst of my initial weight gain wasn’t from chocolate or cakes (custard donuts aside) but bizarrely due to my love of carb heavy potatoes. For me they make up the best part of a meal; chipped, roasted, mashed, boiled or even fully dressed in their jackets for a not-so-light lunchtime meal. If I’m in a restaurant and chips are on the menu I’ll order them. In fact, just last weekend in a restaurant with friends I sensibly ordered a ceaser salad but ordered a bowl of chips unnecessarily on the side. I think I went through my entire time at secondary school buying them at least 3 times a week. 

Perhaps I was a chip in a previous life.

I’ve never been one to cut out carbs with faddy diets, I know it’s something I could never upkeep, so I was very happy to discover when initially joining SW that with a few tweeks to the cooking method, potatoes qualified as a free food on the plan. Only thing is, they never quite tasted the same. You can’t compare crispy spuds roasted in oil with the dry, barely palatable SW variety. Home made chips from potatoes, par-boiled then baked in Fry-Light - whilst just okay - are never as deliciously satisfying as the onion vinegar soaked offerings from the local chippy.

However, I think the Actifry provides a solution! 

Using chipped potatoes with a small spoonful of vegetable oil makes for thee most perfect, healthier versions of as-close-to-chip-shop-chips ever after just 40 minutes. They’re not dry like the oven equivalent and possibly due to the ever turning motion of the Actifry's ladle are evenly crisp on the outside and soft & fluffy on the inside. 

My preference is to make them using baking potatoes, even though SW often recommended floury tats like King Edwards (which I find break up in the gadget too easily). 

Another tip I’ve discovered is washing your potatoes thoroughly after slicing them to get rid of the starch, then pat dry with kitchen towel before you add them to the machine seems to assist them in becoming crispy & golden. 

Actifry chips are so quick and easy to do which is a welcomed luxury when following a plan that often requires time consuming recipes to be made from scratch. 

So, I’m back and fully focused on Slimming World although I’ll now be weighing myself at home for the time being. Whenever this'll work remains to be seen, especially with no shiny stickers or fancy awards for encouragement ...but at least I'll be free from the ear ache of my groups resident braggart - so every cloud! 

Do you own an Actify? Have you tried or spotted any good Slimming World Actifry recipes? 

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