Slimming World: Easter Weekend Fail!

Deciding to go it alone with Slimming World over the Easter bank holiday weekend has been promptly filed in the "silly decisions” folder alongside the time I thought a string vest/neon bra combo was an acceptable night out outfit. 

Fortunately, I had the perfect excuse for all those empty chocolate wrappers at my feet come Monday morning, which were not from a weekend of over indulgence and were definitely just blown into the house by storm Katie...

I know, I know - about as believable as a bloke coming back from the dead after 3 days.

I’m particularly frustrated as I’d been really good up until Thursday night where an impromptu trip to the Wetherspoons laid the foundation for a long weekend of syn-filled gluttony. 

I had every good intention of incorporating the 4 day break with some form of mild exercise or other; the all-day task of sorting through my bulging wardrobes, straightening out the garden, taking the dogs on a long walk through Epping Forest and washing my bastard, dust collecting windows for the 60 millionth time this year. 

I was feeling enthusiastic and positive after obliterating my daily step target 6 days in a row on the Fitbit. I’d even frequented the gym a few times, ate quite well and felt smug that I’d actually managed to shed 4lb in under a week. 

Although I’ve not hopped on the scales since as I fear it won’t just be Christ that’s risen this weekend.

Then my little Chihuahua Boo became poorly. Resulting in all plans being put on hold, instead frantically hunting for an out of hours veterinary surgery to give him the once over. 

Who knew that having someone with a few letters after their name squeeze your pets tummy and shove a thermometer up his arse would cost the same as a deposit on a 4 bedroom house!?! 

Thankfully, Boo’s absolutely fine ( bank account on the other hand) but this unplanned trip to the doggy doctors put paid to my more active intentions, as it did cooking that healthy quinoa bullshit I was very much looking forward to for tea... 

Then there was the bi-polar weather of course, which went from picturesque English springtime to torrential rain in a matter of minutes. I swear us Brits are the only people in the world who need to carry sunblock, woolly hats and umbrellas simultaneously. But hey, it wouldn’t be a British Bank holiday without a little fall of rain. 

So instead the planned days out were mostly days in, cooing over my dog like an over protective parent and snacking unnecessarily on chocolate. 

Chocolate that I had gotten strictly for my Easter mantelpiece display which of course found it’s way into my weak willed gob. 

Definitely not the egg-excise I had intended ...kaboom-tish. 

One positive is that I did enjoyed a lovely Japanese take out meal and have managed to find a Slimming World replica which surprisingly doesn’t taste like soggy cardboard! I’ll share the recipe later in the week.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter break! 

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