Blogging: Slimming World

Calorie laden red cups of syrupy coffee goodness and the lure of chocolate selection boxes piled high is really playing havoc with my ability to stick at Slimming World.

I’ve been fluttering in and out of the sessions (literally - I haven’t stayed for the talky bit for yonks) and the only pounds I’m loosing is the fiver in weekly subs, which is a shame as I previously lost three stone with ‘em. 

I like Slimming World in favour of other “diets” because you can eat pretty much everything. Even chocolate - just not the entire selection box. 

It’s a more sensible approach in changing your eating habits forever, as apposed to taking tablet supplements or meal replacement shakes - or whatever the stay-at-home Mum’s are pyramid selling on your Facebook timelines this week. 

Thing is, I need to be made more accountable for my can’t-be-arsed-to-cook-so-im-getting-a-takeaway days. Which in my lazy household has shamelessly become a thrice a week occurrence. 

I’m glugging a glass of white any ol' weeknight in front of the telly as apposed to a Friday night spritzer'd treat. I’m justifying not going to the gym because; it’s cold, it’s dark, I’ve not updated my Spotify gym playlist or that my favourite locker might be taken. (I know - don’t ask.)

Plus we’ve only gone & got a new bloody car, so the dream of a McFlurry and 20 box o’ nuggets at 1am is very much a thang. 

So I’m gonna start posting my progress here.  I appreciate no one’s really gonna give a shite as to what some chubby stranger’s eating or how many star jumps they’ve completed in a week but as a novice cook and someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy sweating in a council run gym with a load of stinky strangers 3 times a week, it could be fun...

Plus selfishly it’ll make me more accountable. I don’t want the embarrassment of confessing to gaining 5lb after eating 6 slabs of cake and a jug of lard. You might help keep me in check. So I’m just using you really!

Besides I’ve got a fancy pants holiday early next year where I’m gonna look right daft twat with my thighs clapping as I waddle from lounger to pool. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no ideas of grandeur and know my gut is too rotund for skimpy bikini frolics but feel a little less wibble-wobble would be a flab-u-less start. 

My Slimming World group meets on Mondays, so I’ll post my progress Tuesday. I’ll try and go every week with the aim of getting off, shall we say a stone to start? 

I’ll post the dead easy Slimming World recipes I try and make and tips I’ve probably pinched off the know-it-all in group (we all have one of those). 

I’ll post my weekly progress, although not my actual weight of course. I’m not that daft. Although put it this way, if I ever won a competition to win my weight in elephants there wouldn't be enough of 'em in Africa to fulfil the prize.

Dauntingly I’ll also write my progress on fitness. Gulp.

Ya see I quite fancy the idea of taking up running but despite being together the past 30 years, it appears my bright ideas have yet to meet my Lucian Freud Fat Sue-esque physique nor it's stamina which is akin to Mama June's. 

...So if anything, this should make for an interesting read!  

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  1. I have been doing Slimming World for about 10 weeks now and nearly lost 2 stone and i am over the moon with it! This is the only diet I can stick and still feel like I can eat. I am here if you want any support and I also have some great recipes.