Benefit Puff Off! A Honest Review...


Hayfever. Arghhh! It’s particularly bad for me at this time of year with tree pollen out in full force. 

It’s not uncommon to find me waltzing around the streets of East London like a poor man’s airport hopping Kim Kardashian, scurrying about pretentiously in sunglasses to protect my eyes - even when it’s overcast. 

Admittedly usually I’m travelling to somewhere far less glamorous, like Tesco to buy Coco Pops and bananas.

Due to these pollen induced attacks and the inevitable allergy riddled evenings clawing at my eyes, the area around them is often a red, blotchy, swollen mess.

A year or so ago I’d started to add Soap & Glory’s Puffy Eye Attack to my skincare regime (when I could be arsed) after it being gifted in a press day goody bag. 

I was quite surprised with the results, I liked the gel-like consistency but hated the unhygienic grubby-finger-in-pot application.

I recently received Benefit’s latest launch: Puff Off!* An instant eye gel which claims to assist in smoothing out and alleviating puffiness around the eyes. 

My initial thoughts was that it was all a bit gimmicky. A funny little iron shaped applicator nozzle so you can literally ‘iron' out the creases.

The product does fit well with Benefit’s catalogue, 1950’s Americana glamour puss branding and from the Puff Off! PR I had seen which featured a distressed 50's pin up struggling with the woes of puffy eyes, further affirmed my first impressions.

  • I actually loved the applicator which I initially thought was a silly marketing gizmo.  No fingers in gunky pots and the shape of the iron means you get right into the nooks ’n' crannies. Not much dissimilar to a brick-layers trowel, which I’m reliably informed by wall building buddies (…yup, that’s right, friends in high places me) that it’s used for precise application in a similar way. Not that I’m likening our faces to concrete slabs but you catch my drift...

  • The consistency of the cream is nice, absorbs quickly and leaves a nice cooling sensation which is a welcome relief to my pollen sensitive eyes. 
  • The size of the tube. 10ml for £22.50 is daylight robbery if you ask me. The cardboard packaging luring you in from Benefit display stands is somewhat misleading to the product insides' actual size. If I’d had paid for this and the slightly-larger-than-sample-size tube plopped out onto my lap, it would have ironically caused puffy eyes from all the crying at me being swindled out of twenty quid.

  • I don’t think it actually did anything? Admittedly I’m fortunate not to have any bags or whatnot (yet) but after a few weeks of use the skin surrounding them felt no different to using my bog-standard moisturiser, although the initial cooling sensation was pleasant, albeit, temporary. 

If you have disposable income & you don’t mind your money Puffin' Off then it maybe worthy of a purchase just to see how it works for you. 

I love Benefit’s products generally and count myself a fan but unfortunately for me, the results and novelty of this costly minuscule sized iron quickly run out of steam.

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