New Nintendo 3DS XL - Worth The Upgrade? + Monster Hunter 4 Review

If you know what I mean when I say “Hyrule", A "blue shell" or the phrase “The shadow remains cast” then you're my kind of person!

I'm a huge Nintendo fan. The first time I managed to stay up all night was at my cousin's house playing Mario Kart on the N64. 

I still love it as much now aged 29 as I did back then, although apparently I’m more competitive in my old age? 

...I don’t know about that!

It’s no coincidence that I share the same birth year - 1985 - as my favourite gaming icon Mr Super Mario, who is now as recognisable worldwide as a certain famous mouse. 

Even my all-white Chihuahua is named Boo after the Ghost from the series. 

Jamie is also a lifelong gamer so between us we have quite the Nintendo collection!

We decided to upgrade our 3DS' to the recently released snazzy new version which hit the shelves a few weeks back.

I went for the 3DS XL which boasts all the original aspects of it's predecessor with souped up features adding to an even better game play experience. 

This includes stable face tracking 3D capabilities (admittedly I rarely played my old 3DS with the 3D switched on) 

Amiibo and AR card support is also a new addition, a feature which brings characters to life unlocking added content and bonus features. 

And not forgetting the circle pan and C-stick for comfort and further ease of use. 

The coloured buttons which hark back to the SNES days is also a cool nod to earlier Nintendo adopters amongst us & Jamie's favourite feature! 

Alongside my favourite Mario’s and Legend of Zelda's we were excited to try the latest Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate* title, the newest instalment in the popular Monsters Hunter series. 

Monster Hunter 4 is an action role-playing game which see's the player take on the role of a hunter.

This entails exploring lands and towns whilst undertaking multiple quests in battling creatures which unlock valuable equipment and weaponry along the way. 

This is the first time Monster Hunter 4 has featured on a handheld system where players can join friends for games via wifi, as well as the ability to play locally as in the past.

As with most Nintendo games the aspect which sets it apart from it’s competitors is the fact that it appeals to both sexes and all generations, whenever you're 7, 16 or 62 the title brings an equal amount of joy and entertainment for all. 

The same can be said for the accessibility of the console too. 

After umming and ahhing whenever it was worth upgrading, I’m so pleased I did. 

It's not just a superficial update for updates sake. You really have to see the 3D in action to appreciate the vast improvements of the tech. 

If portable gaming is your thing or you're looking for the perfect gift then I highly recommend considering the latest Nintendo 3DS consoles which come in both standard size and XL. 

It's the better stabilised 3D which is it's selling point for me, I found it to be much more comfortable on my short-sighted, tired eyes. 

So do you play video games? Have you ever owned a DS? Who's your favourite video game character? 

...I’ll be back in a bit, I’m just off to Sunken Hallow to hunt me some monsters! 

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