Game of Thrones Exhibition #GOTExhibit - London o2 Arena

Jamie and I was summoned by the 7 Kingdoms (...well...Sky Atlantic actually) to visit the Game of Thrones exhibition at it's London stop off before it departs to the other cities on it's European tour.

As huge fans of the show we travelled a a few stops to its current SouthEasterious home at the o2 Arena, London.

Housed in the backstage area, the exhibition featured costumes and props used by the cast on the show. With just a rope cordon separating visitors from Ayra's "Stick 'em with the pointy end" needle sword and her costume from the episode of the same name. 

It was great to be able to get so up close and personal with TV's biggest medieval fantasy epic. 

Having watched the series from the start I'd never really appreciated how much intricate detailing went into the costumes. 

House emblems on miniscule buttons and metalwork which probably never stay in shot long enough for an audience to fully appreciate them on screen. 

All the costumes are breathtakingly beautiful, even the heavy battlefield armour. As for the props? Those swords were very real indeed!

Something I always find interesting at these types of exhibitions is the fact you get a sense of the characters stature in real life, Jon Snow's costume for example depicts him to be much shorter than I had always imaged, and Tyrion much taller...

And according to his crown, King Joffery's head was tiny!

Included in the exhibition was three interactive features. 

To access these involved sharing the user code you are issued on declaring your allegiance to a Game of Thrones house at the beginning. 

We went with Stark, although I heard a lot of young lads opting for Targaryen ...I wonder why!? 

All the interactive section was entirely free and your personal code enabled you to access your footage using the exhibits websites. A great touch I thought. 

The first of the experiences enabled you to feel the wrath of one of Daenery's Dragons. 

You are videoed being engulfed in dragon fire, which was a lot of fun if slightly embarrassing with the queue of people waiting their turn watching you as you act out being scared & then burning to death! 

...Especially if all that embarrassment is for nothing when you later realise you stood completely in the wrong position!

Another was the ability to transform into a White Walker, where the White Walker's features are superimposed onto a picture you pose for, giving it your best scowl

We gave this a miss as the queue was really long and to be fair I get the same effect by forgetting to moisturise for a few days.

Finally, the big one was "Ascending The Wall" 

A completely immersive solo 4D experience. You step alone inside a cage and put on the Oculus Rift headset, where you are instantly transported to a creaky pulley lift that ascends you up the icy wall of the Northern boarder of the seven kingdoms, realistically swaying as the wind whizzes by until you reach the dizzying heights at the very top. 

Witnessing from the sidelines grown men tumbling all over the place, it really is that much of an immersive experience. 

The queue for this was over an hour & unfortunately I had to sit this out as I have Meniere's Disease but according to Jamie it was well worth the wait. 

We also got to take over the Iron Throne. I think I'd quite like one of these in my living room! 

Overall a great exhibition and highly recommend catching it if you can. 

Season 5 of Game of Thrones starts 12th April 2015 on Sky Atlantic

"If you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention"

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