Things To Leave In 2014...

Inspired by the eloquent HelloTerriLowe and her haul of huh? for the year 2014, instead of a cliche'd personal fitness and health resolutions post I thought I'd kick start the new year here on Kitsch-n-Sync with a round up of things we should probably leave in 2014...

Nike Huarache
I have a pair. I wore them once. Kids queued for hours for the all white offerings. If Converse and Crocs had babies this would be the result. Ug-er-ly.

Kilner Jars
These have been around for yonks, not sure why everyone went Kilner crazy in 2014. Practical? Yup. Need to see another pic of the blasted things sporting a paper straw on Instagram? Nope.

Weirdo Teas
"Just tucking into my morning cup of stinging nettle, medjool date and parsnip tea. Yummy!" 
Aye? what!?

Frozen's Elsa
Don't get me wrong, I loved the film but why the hoo-har over Elsa when Anna was the badass? Did I miss something? Anna for the kill in 2015! ...or maybe I should just "Let It Go" *snigger*

The X Factor
2014 was the year when the majority of us realised Cowell & Co's annual talent search had lost its...err... X Factor. Rolling out Micky Bubbles (Buble) for the 10th year on the trot was the final straw.

A Cheeky Nandos
...Or A cheeky pint, a cheeky night out, a cheeky purchase. 
Touch my bum. This is life. 

Family Guy's Vinny
Sorry Vinny - we prefer Brian.

Loom Bands
Fast forward to the end of the school summer holidays and those poor Mum's with a wrist full of knotted plastic. You had my sympathy.  

Hump Day
Or Wednesday, as the 3rd day of the week has been affectionately know by the human race since the 2nd or 3rd century.

Pharell's Hat
You know the one. The Vivienne Westwood oversized cowboy/fedora/plonker hybrid. 

Spotify Recommendations
"As you listened to Bob Marley, we thought you might like some German thrash metal" Go home Spotify you're drunk.

The Phrase: "Go home (insert noun) you're drunk."

What would you add to 2014's room 101?!
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  1. This is amazing! :D So in agreement with you on 'cheeky' - ughhh! Also, people saying everything is 'goals' (e.g millions of girls commenting on a Zoella and Alfie picture with 'relationship goals') is something I'd put there. Also, that damn song sung by that bloke in the plonker hat. just got stuck in my head.

    Happy new year!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. I LOVE this post- it's so funny. I literally agree on everything. Those Nike trainers are AWFUL- I literally don't understand why they are in fashion. They're like some deformed, mutated monster shoe that just needs to go! Let It Go is bloody annoying and I hope it doesn't play as much this year!

    Dandy Girl

  3. haha love this post <3

  4. OMG I proper cackled reading this post lol! I cant stand all these crazy teas! They taste like bliming perfume lol xxxxx
    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  5. Love this!! The one about "Hump Day" and the kilner jars are definitely my faves - I couldn't agree more!

    Love Holly xx

  6. Great post, definitely agree with Elsa!

  7. Hahaha, this post made me laugh! Btw, I love your blog name - very clever! xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  8. I love these - pretty much every single one made me laugh. You have such a great writing style - very much a new avid reader!

    Scarlett x

  9. LOL this was too true!!!! Especially for the mason jars!

  10. how funny, i have to admit i'm a bit sick of frozen now!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin