Moments That Mattered: 2013

I've read a few inspirational Moments That Mattered posts of late and after a little investigation realised these uplifting entries are in conjunction with Lloyds bank and fellow bloggers with a chance to win a brand spanking new iPad mini worth £249

The aim of the post is to detail moments that mattered in 2013. 

I hope that it's ok for me to share mine..?

12 months prior to 28th September 2013 I was 3 stone heavier. The equivalent of two large bags of dog kibble. 

I was unhealthy & unhappy, squeezing into seats and wheezing up stairs. I hated the double chinned reflection staring back at me from the mirror and my favourite thing to do in the world - shop - had suddenly became a laborious plus sized chore. 

January 2013 was the moment I decided to do something about it. I was that new year cliche with a gym membership & new trainers again but this time I was determined it would be different. 

I also joined my local slimming club for encouragement. (Awards for the fridge work well with grown ups too!)

6 weeks in and I had lost my first stone but I started to relapse. I needed something to aim for, something to keep me motivated...

Growing up I unusually lived with my Mum, Dad & Nan Lily. Whilst friends thought it was odd that my Gran wasn't someone I just visited at weekends, I loved having her around all the time. She was the person who said yes when my parents said no and the one who'd naughtily put an extra spoonful of sugar on my Weetabix each morning (sorry Mum!) 

In 2003 Nan was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. I was just 16 and mid-GCSEs. The world suddenly seemed an unfair place when she died in hospital just 4 weeks later.

2013 would have also been Nan's 100th birthday. It seemed fitting to do something to honour the lady who meant so much to me, as well as raising money for a deserving charity and to keep me motivated on my slimming journey.

In a moment of madness I (along with my friend Courtney) signed up to complete the Shine 26.2 mile marathon in London for Cancer Research UK.

I began training hard, walking everywhere, pushing my personal best a little more each time. I smiled as our sponsorship totted up. Our JustGiving page littered with 'You can do it!'s & appreciated words of encouragement. 

On the evening of Saturday 28th September 2013 I began the mammoth challenge 3 stone lighter. It rained, I was tired, muscles ached and my blistered feet hurt.

...but at 6am - seven hours later I had crossed that finish line. 

I had completed the full 26.2 miles!

Crossing that finish line was my moment that mattered in 2013. Not only for the personal achievement of doing something I thought I never could, nor even for my weight loss - but in remembering that even though Nan's no longer here with me, she's still as a significant part of my life, supporting & encouraging me 10 years on...

...& yes, I did have a sugary bowl of Weetabix to celebrate! :)

Did you have a Moment That Mattered in 2013? Why don't you get involved & you could be entered into the prize draw with Lloyds bank to win an iPad Mini? 

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  1. Congraz!

  2. This is such an inspiring read. A few family members did the Shine walk in 2013 and raised so much money for Cancer, I can't wait to walk it in 2014.


  3. go you! how inspiring! :)

    I need to get on the health kick...

    A Forte For Fashion


  4. What a lovely post! Good luck in the competition!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. Such a sad but inspiring story. Congratulations to you for completing the 26.2 miles.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  6. may congratulations on completing the marathon in her honour!
    very inspirational!
    La Mode D'Emm

  7. What a fantastic achievement on first losing the weight and then completing the Marathon. It was a wonderful achievement in your nan's honour!