Bioderma Cleansing Cream : Review

Realising I now enjoy spending my money on the items I've pinned on my Pinterest 'Interiors' board over pricy drinks in London bars confirms to me that I am, officially, a proper grown up.

Although three weeks ago this new found sensibleness somewhat backfired. 

I had purchased fancy new feather pillows for my bedroom but woke the following morning to discover my face and neck covered in blotches. I'd had an allergic reaction to them. 

A bag over my head, a GP trip and some Aqueous cream later I found the lotion prescribed to apply messily, be non-absorbent and stain my new (less fancy) polyester pillows. 

I thought I'd give the Bioderma Nutri-Protective Cleansing Cream* a whizz, intrigued by the fact it is marketed for dry to very dry sensitive skin and therefore less likely to irritate my rash covered face.

It felt rich but not greasy when lathered onto wet skin. A creamy texture with a subtle but unobtrusive fragrance. The ingredients were soothing and eased the feeling of tightness while creating a much needed layer of moisture to my broken, flaked skin. 

This paraben, soap free, hypoallergenic product also limits proliferation of the organisms that can aggravate dry skin. I'm not entirely sure what that means if I'm honest but it worked a treat.

Whilst of course I would never recommend any product in place of your GPs prescribed medication I found the Bioderma cleanser a positive addition in hastily eradicating the unsightly blemishes left by my allergy. My skin was soon feeling soft and nourished again.

As a sufferer of dry-skin even on my best day, the Bioderma Cleanser has now deservingly taken centre stage in my skincare routine - and I think it'll be a hard one to beat!

Do you use Bioderma products? Do you suffer with allergies like me? 
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  1. I knew I was an adult when I started to save for stuff. Pah to the feather allergy

  2. Home furnishings will always get you in the end. I am currently saving for a rug!!! I use dermalogica as I have very sensitive skin and this is the only thing that works for me.

  3. This sounds amazing x

  4. Oh no, that's rubbish that your pillows did that. I adore my duck down pillows. I've just bought the Bioderma Micellar water, but haven't tried anything else from the range. I suffer from really dry and dehydrated skin, so I would be tempted to try this when I run out of my current cleanser. I'm guessing it can be used on the body too which would be helpful.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  5. I have allergies too and can't use feather bedding. I'v not heard of this brand before so will try it. I usually use Clarins as it doesn't make my skin react, but it's quite pricey.

  6. I had a similar issue with feather pillows, I found out in a hotel (feather pillows & comforter), I woke up the next day broken out in hives & all stuffed up. Now every time I go to a hotel I have to make sure that they replace all the feather items! I definitely need to look into this for my super sensitive skin!

    Crumbs & Curls

  7. Oh I love a good feather pillow I did not know that could happen :-( hope it is 100% gone now x

  8. Hope the reaction has gone down. Always great to find a good alternative to aqueous as it can be greasy and thick.

  9. Nice Review, thanks! :)

  10. i only tried the classic micellair water but this one sounds so lovely. my skin is quite dry and i'm on the hunt for a more gentle cleanser and this one sounds lovely.