Nailing It With Primark - The £1 Manicure

Spending 2 hours in a nail salon getting acrylics glued to my fingers, only to return a fortnight later for them to be infilled was once a regular occurrence for me. It was quite the commitment!

It then dawned on me there are more cost (& time!) effective ways to keep my hands looking pretty.

My recent revelation are these Primark beauties which I picked up on various trips in store recently at just £1.00 a packet. Yup, you read right - ONE. BRITISH. POUND.

Look at all these amazing designs!

I particularly love these muted mint falsies which are perfectly on trend this spring. 

So what about longevity?

Well taking into account the domestic goddess that I am partaking in the odd marigold-free washing up session, these last around 5 days on me - on par with the pricier drug store offerings. 

To date I've had no embarrassing pinging incidents and when they do eventually become unstuck they can be re-applied for another wear as they stay relatively chip free.

If I'm honest the adhesive included isn't great so I opt to use Kiss Maximum Speed nail glue.

I've quite small nail beds and have struggled in the past having to cut larger falsies to fit, but for a product so affordable there is an impressive array of sizes included in each box.

These are a doddle to apply on yourself and take around 2 minutes making them great for last minute drinks and get togethers...

...or just if you're a lazy girl like me!

Have your tried the Primark false nails yet? What do you think?

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  1. I've looked at these so many times in Primark, they have such lovely designs and colours! I have the opposite problem to you, though - my nail beds are longer than the false nails so they just wouldn't work for me :(

    Jess xo

  2. They have some lovely designs but I've always thought they must be naff for £1! I'll definitely be giving them a go now though!
    Great post :)


  3. These look lovely, I've always debated getting the more expensive nails but never had the commitment to them for five or so days but with these you can't go far wrong. Definitely going to have to get me some of these! x

  4. I've never tried Primark fake nails and i've never really paid any attention to them, but they have some nice designs!

    Love Alice

  5. So many designs! I didn't even realise Primark sold these, will definitely be checking them out xx

    Mummy Beautiful

  6. These look so cute! I love the designs and you can't go wrong for that price! <3

    Ellen xx

  7. I love all these! I've bought a few packs of nails from primark before but they never seem to last any longer than 2 days! Still... at least you have cute nails for two days haha
    great post!


  8. I love the black and white cat nails and the cupcake ones too! Pretty designs actually, not a fan of false nails but even these have convinced me, have a fab day Jen ! x

    Essence of Jess