"Future Shopping" - Poundshop Polish

Fashion week along with scouring the High Street retailer's press day coverage for the upcoming season, I attempt to predict future tends in hope of securing some bargains before they go big and have price tickets to match. 

I know, I know, talking SS14 and it's not even Christmas yet! ...but there's something quite satisfying about 'future shopping' for bargains - especially if you love to scour Charity shops. Knowing what to look for can land you some pretty amazing buys.

So far I've come to the conclusion that aside plenty of mohair/marabou textures, peek-a-boo/sheer fabrics and twinny two pieces being big in 2014 - candy colours are also back once more.

Browsing my local Poundland I noticed 4 pretty pastel polishes which fit the brief perfectly. All branded too - and at £4 for the lot I know I could easily spend that on one polish come next spring.

First up is the Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect in the shade Sea. A muted mint which compliments my new drop shoulder coat (below - another eBay bargain) no end.

Next was Revlon's dusky purple in Sugar Glaze. This is supposed to be a scented polish but just smells of varnish, perhaps why it was banished to the shelves of Poundland? I don't mind though, I'd probably look a bit odd sniffing my nails anyway... 

I also picked up Maybellene's Forever Strong in Ceramic Blue. Another perfect springtime shade.

Finally was Rimmel's 60 Second nameless polish, in a diluted lilac, complete with that hassle free Xpress flat brush.

Do you future shop? Have you found any great discount store bargains lately?

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  1. Such lovely colours, I'm such a pastel lover!!!
    abi from a little dust

  2. They are such bargains! I'm excited for S/S too, these colours are so pretty! <3

    Ellen xx

  3. Yes, I'm always future shopping! Great picks-you are definitely a smart shopper. I really enjoyed this post!