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There's no particular brand of eyeliner over another which I prefer. I'm not very experimental and stick with a black, usually a pencil or kohl pen as apposed to liquid or gel formulas and from my experience they're all pretty much the same quality. For this reason I tend to buy cheap and cheerful as it does what I need it to, so really see no reason to purchase a higher end brand. 

Collection's Long Lasting Eye Definer being my cheap and cheerful eyeliner of choice.

I particularly like this one as its a twist up, so when the nib begins to get a little blunt I simply twist for more product and don't have the hassle of finding a sharpener ...or shavings in the bottom of my make-up bag!

The only time I really bother with liquid liner on my lids is when I'm wearing false lashes to help disguise the strip. I've tried a few, and my favourite is L'Oreal's SuperLiner Perfect Slim pen as I find the nib quite firm and sturdy, which means I don't need the steady hand other more brush like nibs require.

Despite wearing it on-and-off since I was around 16, I'm still an amateur at applying liquid liner and can never get each eye to match exactly, so I always keep a few cotton buds handy to clear up any mistakes. My other tip is not to spray your perfume for a good ten minutes after application, as the scent always makes me sneeze resulting in smudgy splodges on my lids!

Pixi pencil and Laura Geller gel liner are good if staying power is what your after - I find them a bit of a bugger to remove though, so only tend to use them on rare occasions. Panda eyes anyone?!

Do you have a favourite eye liner? I'm a bit boring and always stick with black - have you experimented with different colours?!

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  1. I've tried other liquid liners but i always go back to rimmel's matte black liner.. I've tried Lush's turquoisey coloured liner which is super pretty as a cat eye!

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  2. I've just bought the Extreme liner. Still can't get myself looking anywhere near as fabulously vampy as in the advert but loving it nonetheless!
    Twitter <3

  3. As an eyeliner fiend, I love this post! although I swear by eyeliner pens rather than kohl - can't leave the house without a cat eye! My number one is Soap & Glory's supercat, which is so good, easy to apply, lasts ages and only £6! Definitely worth a try, although I am tempted to check out the L'oreal one now!

    Rosie x