A Late SO Project! Mascara

Ask the question: 'If you're only allowed one make up product for the rest of your life, what'll be?' to most girls and I'm quietly confident mascara would be one of the products top of that list.

I've accumulated such a ridiculous amount of mascara in my quest to find the perfect one. I'm so fussy and hate clumpy stuck together spider lashes. 

Two that almost made my top picks but fell at the last hurdle were both by Benefit; Bad Gal Lash and They're Real mascaras. They're great for lengthened, volumised lashes but annoyingly I found the product dries out so ridiculously quickly - literally after a month/six weeks of opening. Not cool considering these cost over a tenner each...

So that leaves my No1 lash lengthener a super easy choice and one I highly recommend. It is MACs Zoom Lash mascara in Black. It's faltless, the brush is perfect and effortlessly separates my lashes, distributing the mascara evenly. It manages to successfully coat my bottom lashes without looking ridiculously OTT or doll-like and leaves my eyes framed and naturally lengthened with minimum time or effort - and most importantly for me no clumping!

It's at this point in the post I'd usually show you before and after shots of me using said mascara but unfortunately I've not been feeling very well (hence why this post is delayed!) so, here's a picture of Snuffleupagus from Seasame Street as I'm pretty sure she uses MAC Zoom too judging by those lashes! :)

The brush is perfect, as is the no-fuss packaging, but the true black colour and formula are the icing on the cake to make MAC Zoom Lash is my number one mascara.

What's your favourite mascara? Do you own lots of different brands or use the same trusty favourite? 

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