Starting Off: Foundation

Foundation as we it know today first became commercially available thanks to MaxFaxtor after demand of their 'Pan-Cake' talc powder/foundation formula (originally intended for film stars) was requested for home use. In 1937 MaxFactor had the product patented and it became one of the most successful cosmetic launches of all time.

These days every cosmetic brand offers foundation in their range. With four types of coverage which determines the products opacity on the skin; sheer, light, medium and full. 

I don't wear foundation every day, a simple BB cream is sufficient for my needs and my favourite of the bunch is actually Superdrugs own brand in the shade 'light'. The coverage is sheer and only offers 8-13% opacity - but for me this is perfect for an everyday wear & often liken it to a tinted moisturiser.

Taking it up a notch I use Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation in shade 100 Ivory. This offers a more medium coverage but the formula's consistency is by no means thick. It's smells lovely but not overpowering - the mild fruity scent really does wake you up! It's easy to blend and contains SPF. There is a slight shimmer to the finish which in some light can look unnatural - but as a fan of highlighting products this dewy glow doesn't bother me too much!  

Finally, for my big nights out my favourite foundation is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in shade NW20. MAC say this is a light to medium coverage foundation, but I actually find it quite thick. It covers absolutely every mark, pigmentation or spot and after a few minutes of blending i'm left with a flawless, doll-like canvas. 

It is a bit much for day wear but for nighttime adventures it's perfect. Unfortunately this product was discontinued in February to make way for the Liquid Mineralize foundation which I've not tried yet ...perhaps the two are similar, just rebranded? 

Always test foundation on your inner wrist or jawline or better still ask at the beauty counter to colour match for you. Bare in mind though its always worth wearing your tester in broad day light as often shops have artificial lighting to enhance their products at best. Unfortunately we need to see the foundation in the cold, harsh, light of day for the perfect match! 

It's also worth determining your skin type before making a foundation purchase as some lines have formulas better suited for dry skin, where others are best for combination or oily skin. 

Whats your favourite foundation brand? Have you ever been colour matched by a beauty counter assistant? 

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  1. I love that mac foundation, it covers everything! I've not found a foundation with a better coverage
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  2. great post!love MAC!
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  3. wonderful review!
    really informative, and I love your blog header, it's so cute


  4. great post, I agree - hate the feeling of thick foundations on your face all day errrry day! Cuteeeee blog have started following (: xxoxoxo

  5. Love this post & you have a great blog!

    Charlotte x