Starting Off: Bronzer

My friend Sera & I would frequent our local night club every Friday sporting matching orange faces thanks to our teenage discovery of Rimmel's Sun Shimmer. Paris Hilton was big when I was little and my friend & I imitating her sun kissed look lead us to believe we were too cool for school. 

...Oh, how very wrong were we!

We'd head home with glowing white, make-up free foreheads after a night of intensely sweaty dancing to DJ Luck & MC Neat, Heartless Crew and Sean Paul!

We hated when they switched the lights on at 3am for chucking out time, due to the fact that from the eyebrows down we were still an impressive shade of Ommpa Lumpa!

My Mum - on her constant discovery of my perfectly imprinted face on my new white bed linen - was also not happy with my newfound make up look. Not forgetting all the clothes I ruined at the neckline with impossible to wash out bronzed leftovers! And you know that annoying person who leaves an entire years supply of make up residue on clothes she's tried on in fitting rooms? Yeah, well you get my drift!

Admittedly, I probably wouldn't have looked quite so bad had I bought the right shade. In fact Rimmel's Sun Shimmer isn't to blame at all and despite our history I still use it today. Although I now mostly purchase Light Matte as apposed to Dark Shimmer....yup, I went there...

Rimmel's offering is, in my opinion, the only High Street bronzer currently available that is free of those awful brassy, orange tones. The formula has also changed for the better since I first discovered it but unfortunately so has the price tag: it was only £3.49 in my orange heyday, but nowadays it's possible to spend up to £6.99 on the same product. Ruddy Inflation, huh!?

My all time favourite bronzer is actually NARS Laguna. I think if you ask the girls who know their stuff their favourite bronzer I'd bet this NARS cult is mentioned often. It's kinda pricey at £26 for 8g of product but most definitely worth it for it's natural looking results. The product is build-able and also perfect for contouring. Worthy of it's acclaim? Very much so but due to the price, perhaps it's one for the Christmas list!

Ever so slightly cheaper at £20 and having an extra 2g on the latter is MAC's Bronzing Powder in Golden. It's my current bronzer of choice having used the last of my Laguna. It's actually quite similar to the NARS; matte, doesn't lean orange or muddy and with 4 shades to choose from it's easy to find the shade close to perfect for your skin tone. 

Aesthetically the packaging is great too and any cosmetic product that comes with a built in mirror is perfect for on the go touch ups!

So, rule No1 to avoid 'doing a me' circa 2002? Don't apply bronzer across your entire face. The product is meant to give you a subtle sun kissed look, not change your ethnicity! Think of where you'd naturally catch the sun. Stand under a lightbulb at home - where does the light hit? There are plenty of bronzing and contouring tutorials on Youtube worthy of a watch to teach the basics in bronzer application...

...if only I'd seen them when I was 15!

Do you have a favourite brand or shade of bronzer? Have you even had an orange disaster like me!? 

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  1. Great post. I'd be lost without my Benefit Hoola, one of my all time favourites there!

  2. Great post! Owh the orange stories, haha! I deliberately bought an orangey bronzer for dressing up for 6th Form Leavers MUD - Collection are fab for cheap messes, hah! I love Hoola by Benefit x

  3. It's only been this year that I've considered using bronzer. My complexion isn't usually the type you'd usually pair with bronzer as I have fair skin and red hair but I found Benefit's Moon Beam and Sun Beam gave my cheeks a nice glow without looking unnatural.

    Great post :)


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  4. i love adding a bit of a glow to the skin with a bronzer!