Starting Off: Blusher

I'm naturally quite rosie cheeked and quite conscientious of this fact, so adding more rouge to my already reddened face is not something I often include in my make up routine, opting instead for a sweep of bronzer.

An exception to the rule is MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Stero Rose, which is an ever so subtle blusher-highlighter combo. Unfortunately my pan smashed into smithereens no less than 48 hours after purchase, which not only is a bit of a bugger having just spent £21.50 on the thing but unfortunately it also doesn't make for good blog photos - so sorry about that! 

Despite my suicidal pan, I love this blush due to it's subtlety which is perfect for my flushing reluctance! Don't let that put you off if you like a vivid cheek though. It is easily buildable and adding a few extra swishes creates intense coverage, making it the perfect product for transition between day-to-night. You can read my original blog review here.

Despite being a self confessed blusher-phobe, I've also owned plenty of Bourjois' blush over the years and I cannot fault them. Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush are great value for money and offer a wide shade selection for all skin tones. Despite the petit pan, it lasts me ages - as well as the product itself having impressive longevity on the cheeks, not budging until I choose to remove it. 

I've also dabbled with Topshop Cream Blush after falling victim to blogger hype. A little of this goes a long way and Topshop have nailed an impressive shade selection. I unfortunately am still not convinced on cream formulas, so these false economies are currently collecting dust in my draw ...but only because I favour a powdered pan rather than disliking the product itself.

I always finish my blush (well, bronzer) with a Highlighting product. MAC Strobe Cream is amazing but my all time favourite is The Body Shop Shimmer Waves. I've been using it for years and despite the misleading name it's not that shimmery at all. Perfect for day time or can be built up for a more intense evening look. It picks up beautifully in photographs giving you cheek bones that even Emma Willis would be envious of. I highly recommend trying it next time The Body Shop offer their regular 40% off code!

Do you have a favourite blusher? Do you prefer cream or powder formulas? What blush brands do you love?


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  1. I'm glad it's not just me that used a pic of a broken blusher in this weeks SO project! I must be more careful!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic