New! Barry M Matte Nail Paint : Review

Good 'ol Barry M! The trusty High Street cosmetic retailer that amongst it's many lines offers reasonably priced polish that easily rivals any higher end brand.

Last year we fell in love with the Gelly's: a high gloss salon-style finish that went chip free for an impressive five days. I loved them so much I bought the entire shade selection and continue to wear them regularly. 

I'd not actually tried matte polishes before but on learning Barry M were launching a Matte collection, along with having read plenty of blogger praise of pricer equivalents and liking the resulting photos I knew I had to give them a go!

Despite launching with a small selection and liking them all, I decided to opt for the shades which would best compliment my winter wardrobe.

The two which stood out for me were Crush - a oxblood red shade and Expresso - a chalkboard black. 

Both paints were two coats opaque. The polish applies gloss-like then dries matte, which enables you to get a nice even coat without spoiling. In fact, on drying it actually looks like you are wearing expertly applied nail vinyls as the coverage is so even and clean ...and trust me, having a steady hand is not one of my strong points!

There's no texture on drying - it's completely smooth - which is great as I hate lumpy bumpy nails and usually rectify this with a glossy top coat which would obviously defeat the object here. Having said that it's handy to know that with just a swipe of topcoat you could change your polish from matte to gloss should you wish. It's super versatile.

The leather look finish is impressive, it's shell like and reminiscent of frosted glass. It's the perfect way to modernise your manicure. I'm currently on day three (pictured below) and my nails are still chip free after my birthday night out and a round or two of heavy duty washing up! (domestic goddess over here!)

If you love a matte nail or just want a change from the racks of glossy's in your collection then I highly recommend giving Barry M's Matte selection a wizz. Perfect of AW and at only £3.99 a bottle would be rude not to buy them all!

Barry M Matte selection is available in Superdrug stores from 25th September rolling out into Boots from 2nd October. 

So what do you prefer? Matte or glossy!? 

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  1. Love the red shade! Ive wanted to try the matte polishes too but I always wait until Barry M release their take on trends, they're always so affordable and most of the time better than the more expensive alternatives! x

    Molly's Beauty Spot

  2. oooooh these look gorgeous!

  3. Ohh I really want the black one!

  4. I love these I have caramel and espresso!! X