Starting Off: Skincare

When I first discovered make up I was equally as bad at remembering to remove it as I was at applying it. Even with my Mum's constant nagging the most my overly bronzed face got was a quick swish of a removal wipe. As for any daily skin care routine? ...Oopsie!

Fortunately nowadays I'm a little more conscientious. But I thought instead of bombard you with all the pricey skincare products I love these days (La Roche-Posay, in case you're wondering) I thought about sharing the pilosophy that actually, you need not spend a fortune at all!

Using store cupboard essentials your likely to already have stashed away at the back of your kitchen cupboards, it's easy to keep your skin in tip top condition and with just a smidgin of effort you'll have a home DIY spa in no time!

A small drizzle of runny honey blended with olive oil makes a great natural skin moisturiser. Admittedly it does take a while to sink in but once it's absorbed you won't feel anything shop-bought as good! The concoction doubles up as a fantastic hair mask too.
Sticking with honey but this time we're mixing it together with plenty of brown sugar. Ta-da! A cheap and cheerful face and body scrub. I guarantee a lot of the drug store scrubs in fancy packaging are sugar based too so why not just do it yourself? You could grab a click lock glass jar from Ikea and make a batch for your bathroom so you always have some to hand.

Dry flakey lips? No problemo - mix some vaseline with sugar and say hi to your new lip exfoliant. Instead of using your finger as an applicator, you could try an old toothbrush for extra scrubbing power. The result? One super soft pout! Do this before applying lipstick as it helps prevent it flaking - especially if your lippy is matte! 

Suffer with facial redness? Then suffer no more! Mix the yolk of an egg with some lemon juice and wear for a few minutes as a facial mask. You could throw in some olive oil for extra moisturising points, but i'll leave that at your discretion. Rinse thoroughly and you'll see that the redness will have significantly calmed down.

Face like a dot to dot book? Don't worry we've all been there! Don't waste your money on pricey spot treatments. Pop a blob of toothpaste on the problem area, climb into bed and head off to dreamland. Wash it off the next day and you'll be amazed how dried out and shy your confident red friend from yesterday has become.

Rosewater & coconut milk makes for a great relaxing bath. It smells gorgeous too! Epsom salts are super cheap & are brilliant for relaxing muscles and detoxing, especially after a long hard day.

Suffering with itchy, irritated or sunburnt skin? What about an oatmeal bath? Use an organza bag or grab an old pair of tights. Cut off the foot from where your shin should have been. Pour your oats into the foot of the tight and knot securely at the opening. Run your warm water (not too hot - hot water dehydrates skin!) with your new nylon friend in the tub. Give it a bit of a squeeze to wring out the milky substance and use your new oaty tool as a sponge to soak your skin all over. Oats have properties that cleanse and moisturise as well as sooth irritated and inflamed skin.

Must Have
If you must pop into Boots for a skincare treat, a good complete care day cream with SPF15 is my No1 skincare must have. Olay Essentials Complete Care is my personal favourite. Packed with skin pampering vitamins B, E & Pro Vitamin B5 - as well as that all important SPF15 UVA/UVB protection - it ticks the box for a great daily moisturiser. It's also quickly absorbed & non-greasey too!
Would you try home remedies? Or would you much rather buy products in Boots to save the hassle? Do you have any DIY skincare tips? #TheSOProject

Disclaimer: This information is from personal research & experience. Always consult your doctor or qualified medical professional before trying any natural remedies. This is not a substitute for medical advice. 

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  1. What fab tips thanks :)

  2. Such an amazing post I will for sure be trying out some of these homemade remedies on my skin, thankyou so much.
    Becka! :)

  3. Amazing tips! Thank you for posting :) Super helpful! X

    Beth x

  4. I love the concept of making home made remedies, so good :)



  5. Egg yolk is rich in nutrients that will let you have beautifully glowing skin. To make a face pack of egg yolk- mix 1 egg yolk with half tablespoon of olive oil and half table spoon of lemon juice. Apply the pack on your face and leave it to dry for around 15 mins. Rinse off the pack completely with water. It is an ideal face pack for normal to dry skin.
    best skin care products