Rio Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser - Review

I hadn't really ever thought too religiously about skincare until I started reading other bloggers praise of all these lotions and potions & their regimental routines. I've always been far too lazy and the most my face gets is the occasional slap of moisturiser after the shower. I also think that perhaps exposure to so many products can be counter productive.

Being so indifferent and feeling quite adamant that a lot of the "must haves" are nothing more than clever marketing that actually do little to benefit the skin, I've always turned down PR samples of miracle skincare products to feature on Kitsch-n-Sync. However, I had second thoughts when Rio asked how I'd feel about reviewing their Ultrasonic Facial*. They must have felt confident in their product knowing I'm usually so 'meh' about the latter but was still willing to ask my opinion at risk of me being less than complimentary. I was intrigued!

I have to admit I was also slightly swayed by the fact it was a Rio product. Ask my teenage self what my favourite thing in the world was and aside Adam Rickett of Coronation Street fame (cringe) I would have responded my Rio fake tanning machine which I used happily for around 6 years. My Rio home nail bar was also a firm favourite, so Rio as a brand had previously served me well. 

I was still a little dubious. The fact it is recommended to be used once or twice a week initially sounded like a chore which I wasn't sure I'd have the time or inclination to upkeep, but the unobtrusive display stand sat discreetly on my dresser and the cordless handheld unit was a welcomed addition to my beauty storage. The fact it was so accessible to use made it more appealing and likely I would. Another doubt was my worry that it would need constant charging - not another thing I'd have to plug in? I've now had the unit for a good 2/3 months and it's only needed a full charge once. 

I'd describe my skin type as normal. I sometimes suffer from dry patches and it is mildly sensitive but nothing too disastrous. I'm fortunate with spots, only suffering during my 'time of the month' where I'm known to wake up to sporadic juicy red ones! I am however, unhappy with a small cluster of resilient blackheads on my nose. (gross, I know - sorry!) I've used countless strips, scrappers, creams and scrubs but the pesky little buggers remain.

The Rio Ultrasonic is a two-in-one facial treatment machine. The first setting allows you to cleanse, firm and revitalise the skin, whilst the second assists with the absorption of skin serums deep into the epidermis. I was quite impressed with this aspect as I'm confident it would be difficult to achieve the same level of product absorption in any other setting than a salon. You also get a rather generous tub of collagen serum in the box, which was handy as I'd owned nothing similar and most brands would probably expect you to buy this separately. 

The cleanse aspect of the Ultrasonic Facial is the main selling point for me. For someone who thought my skin was 'alright' prior to using this, I realised how much better my skin could be with a little assistance. Using lukewarm water I prep my face to open my pores and used the facial tool as instructed using mild pressure around my T-Zone, chin and cheeks. Subtle vibrations (which you can choose the strength of: low or high) assist with the removal of dead skin cells. Slight spray of residue is present during the treatment which - although a little gross - is proof the unit is not all talk & actually does the job at hand.

Whilst the results were immediate and my face felt rejuvenated after one use, by around my 3rd treatment my skin felt completely different. I still get menstrual spots but they are not half as bad as previously, nor as obvious or red. To my surprise make up application also looks so much better and holds products in place longer. I'm not sure of the technicalities behind this is but I'm not complaining as I rarely bother with primer any more. Smudge free make up and even a willingness to occasionally now go without, why didn't I try this sooner?

I can't compare it to the traditional brush cleansers as I've never used them before, but I imagine they're quite abrasive. Rio Ultrasonic does the job without leaving redness or irritation on my sensitive skin. I'm also not sure that you'd get a salon style deep cleanse at home any other way. It is easy to use which is handy for novices like me and the accompanying instructions are foolproof. My complexion looks fresh, skin firmer and as I'm 28 next month - anything to help delay those inevitable wrinkles is a good thing in my crows-feet free eyes!

And as for those resistant blackheads? What blackheads!? They're a thing of the past now too!

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