The Workout/Gym Playlist - Favourite Tunes!

The other week I did something silly. Well not silly as it's for a great cause but I spontaneously signed up to a 26 mile marathon in September after feeling reasonably fit and healthy having recently lost 3 stone. The good news is that it is a walking marathon, the bad news is that it is still twenty-ruddy-six miles.

The event is called Shine and it's in aid of Cancer Research UK. I've already started training alongside my friend (Yup, I'm not that silly, I roped someone else in on it too!)

As I've been putting the hours in the gym lately, I decided it was time for an iPod update and to create a motivational playlist of workout tunes which will accompany me whilst I'm clocking up the kilometres on the treadmill between now and September.

Here's my top 10 workout tracks. I'd love to know yours as I'm always updating my playlists & have quite eclectic taste! Uptempo with lots of bass is my preference, although the odd cheesy track often sneaks in too!

10. Motorhead - Ace of Spades
I love the crazy speed of this rock anthem and am often found attempting to walk in time to the beat -being only successful at looking like a wally instead. 

9. Avivii - Levels (Skrillex Remix)
I'm a fan of the original but much prefer the Skrillex dubstep version for the gym, even if it does sound a bit like my old dial up internet connection. Wub wub womp bowowowow chhhhhhhh wub wub chdadadadada.... 

8. Major Lazer - Pon Da Floor
Major Lazer or Beyonce's female empowement version of 'Girls' ...either tune pushes me on in the gym and brings a smile to my face as it reminds me of my mates & I on a dance floor 'doing a Beyonce' after one two many Pinots! Who run the world? Girls!

7. Pendulm - Propane Nighmares
Takes a while to get crazy, so the perfect starter on my playlist. Press play and begin walking for a warm up before getting to the metal bit and the starting the strenuous sweaty stuff! 

6. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Through The Night
A lesser known vocal drum and bass track. I like this as I can sing along and hit that long 'niggghhhhtttt' highnote, much to my gym buddies annoyance! :)

5. The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
90's classic, good tempo for a comfortable run or speedy walk! 

4. Heather Small - Proud
My cheesy choice. It was out of this or Chariots of Fire but now I just think of Mr Bean at the Olympic opening ceremony. During my moaning of blisters and achy joint this reminds me why I'm taking part in Shine. I can also do a wicked Heather Small impression, if I do say so myself!

3. Nero - Promises (Skrillex remix)
I like a bit of Nero, it's a bassy dubstep tune I can have a cheeky singalong too as well. 

2. DJ Lewi - Hit 'Em With A High (Megamix) 
Nod to my UK Garage loving teenage self, even though it sounds so dated now :( I have lots of garage tracks on my iPod but this one snuck into my gym playlist to remind me of "the good ol' days!"

1. Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills. 
Get on a tredmil. Stick this on. See how hard it is to not run along to it - even if you're a running novice like me! ...Also see how hard it is to stop running? THE. BEST. GYM. SONG. IN. THE. WORLD. EVER! 

I'd love to know yours!?

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  1. My running playlist could definitely use a boost. I'd never thought of Ace of Spades or Run to the Hills. And I can't believe I didn't even think of The Cardigans.

    You're absolutely right, those will really give a solid kick.

    Good luck with your training!


  2. Levels always get me pumped for the gym or to go out, such a tune.