Top Tips For Selling Successfully On eBay!

I hate to admit it but I'm that girl... If I've worn a dress on a night out and the photos have inevitably made their way to Facebook for the world & his wife to see, chances are I won't be wearing that particular outfit again. Call me vain (or stupid!) but eBay helps take the sting out of handing over £55 for that frock in Topshop when I know i'm only going to wear it a few times. I know that by listing it on eBay when I'm done I'm likely to get a good return on my purchase - particularly if it is branded, still current season and in perfect condition. If you are on a limited budget it is a great way to keep up-to-date with the current trends whilst not breaking the bank. 

I've been buying and selling on eBay for a while now and every 6 months or so I have a wardrobe de-clutter and sell the items I know are destined to just collect dust at the back.

Here's a few eBay seller tips that I've picked up along the way...

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words The camera flash as well as an individual's monitor settings can present an items true shade misleadingly. I always photograph my pictures in natural light and without flash where possible. Usually against the plain background of my white wardrobes. Utilise the free 12 pictures too - add lots of photo's in your listing! 

Don't Pose In The Clothes We know they are second hand and although I'm sure you once rocked that skirt pretty damn well, some buyers are put off when confronted with the fact that an item is preloved. Especially with shoes! Most people don't like feet. Those brand new sandals I have in my watched list will be instantly removed if the seller has photographed themselves 'modelling' them with their yucky feet!

Psychology Where possible photograph your goods hung on higher end branded hangers. We all know what a Primark hanger looks like and of course there is nothing wrong with shopping there - but an item displayed on a Mango or Zara hanger indirectly affirms to potential buyers that you shop well and in good quality stores. Even if you're only flogging a tee from New Look!

Think of Every Adjective you can to describe the item you're selling in the title. If your selling a brand new pink cardigan for example: "New pink cardigan" is not going to reach the entire audience searching eBay for cardigans and your item maybe perfect for a section of the audience you've missed. "BNWT River Island Pink Button Up, Waterfall, Boyfriend Fit, Chenille, Cardi Cardigan Size 14" will show up in a wider range of search results, therefore reaching more potential buyers. Remember current trend terms such as 'sports luxe' or 'festival' and slang words too - someone searching for a cardigan may also search for a cardi!

Brand and Size Always quote the size and brand in the title. Some people will search 'ASOS Size 10' - your size 10 item may get overlooked in this common search if you've left the size out of the title description. 

Don't Litter Your Post With Terms and Conditions. Yup, it's ruddy annoying when after hundreds of stress-free transactions you get that one awkward buyer who makes you turn she-devil and include paragraphs of do's and don'ts on all your future listings. Just a simple sentence explaining that you're not a business seller and simply de-cluttering your wardrobe so unfortunately cannot accept returns unless faulty is firm but pleasant enough way to alert most buyers of your T&Cs. Friendly and approachable listings will predicate that you are a nice person to deal with.

Describe The Item To The Best of Your Ability. Add the measurements, material, style and fit all to your description. If its labelled a 12 but fits more like an 8 - mention it! If there is something wrong with the item - mention it! You'd be surprise how many people are still willing to purchase defected items which they're happy to sew or make good.

Official Blurb If your item is current season have a look online for the official blurb and copy and paste this into your listing. You could also add the stock photo from the website to go alongside your own.

Don't Dismiss The Cheap and Cheerful! I am often surprised when my used Primark items have sold for more than I originally paid. Primark have a high turn over of stock and remember you can't buy it online! Primark's limited edition range and larger sizes tend to do well too, as these are usually the first to sell out in store. Don't dismiss anything in good condition as unsellable, one mans junk and all that...

Start At 99p Not only do you avoid costly fees, this will this entice more interest to your listing. More people will keep your item in their watched list and it is more likely to end in a bidding war for much higher than the original Buy It Now price you had in mind! Remember - most buyers don't bid until the final few seconds so don't be too disheartened if your item is not totting up to your expectations halfway through the auction. You still have up to 24 hours to pull your listening before the end (if there are no bids) if you aren't happy.

I've Got More! Add a sentence in your listing to remind buyers that you are selling similar sized items in your other listings to encourage viewers to check them out too. Offer to combine postage to encourage buyers to bid on more than one item. One less mailing bag to use and often cheaper postage costs too - everyones happy!

Sell Overseas Someone in Poland maybe willing to pay up to £150 for that Zara bag. The buyer pays the postage costs and as long as they are happy to do so then why restrict your audience? You don't have to necessarily send items recorded or tracked. You can ask your post office for a 'proof of postage' certificate. This is free and not something many post offices openly offer as it's a little time consuming to fill out, but if you want one just ask!

Timing Is Everything eBay confirmed that Sunday late afternoons/early evenings between 4pm-8pm is their highest traffic time during the week. Time your listing to finish during this period to catch maximum browsers. Finishing an item at 3am on a Tuesday morning is less likely to end in a bidding war. (If you are going to be really savvy, check that your listing finish won't clash with big rating TV shows, like the X Factor final etc... which may effect traffic!)

Sell In Season If its November and you have a job lot of shorts you want to sell, store them away until the summer if you can. Your Christmas jumper is less likely to sell in July, but come early December you can expect a nice chunk of change for that Rudolph sweater!

Avoid Free Listing Weekends Although this sounds alluring - your items will get lost in searches amongst the mass of toot that is uploaded during this time. You are better off paying a few pence to list a week or so later where your items will reach a bigger audience resulting in a higher final sale price.

Jargon Familiarise yourself with the eBay jargon and use it in your title if relevant to your item. People often search for items using the abbreviations. 
BNWT - Brand New With Tags
BNWOT - Brand New Without Tags
BNIB - Brand New In Box
BNWOB - Brand New Without Box
BIN - Buy It Now
VGC - Very Good Condition

I hope you've found these tips helpful! Do you sell on eBay? Do you have any selling tips? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Great tips! Thank you :) xx

  2. Some great tips here, thank you!
    I've often been surprised by how much things from Primark sell for.

    Jess xo