ASOS vs Primark - The Fluro Boucle Alternative!

I'd had this lovely fluro boucle blazer from ASOS in my 'save for later' basket for a few weeks now. In the grand scheme of things £35 for a jacket is not really that expensive but that immortal sentence haunted me once again: "I'm sure I could find it cheaper in Primark" 

Fast forward to last weekend and I popped into my local branch at Westfield, Stratford City. The stock surprisingly hadn't changed that much since my last visit so I felt disappointed as I headed towards the exit. Whilst making my way out a jacket from the cluttered sale rail which I usually dismiss caught my eye.

It was a coral boucle blazer not too dissimilar to the ASOS offering. Ok it wasn't exactly the same with an off centre zip but it was close enough that it ticked the spring shade & lightweight weather suitable boxes - which is what initially drew me to the ASOS blazer. 

On closer inspection of the price ticket I realised it was marked down from £22 to £10. Only problem was, there was only one left and it was a size too big. Luckily due to a mixture of Primark's inconsistent sizing and my ability to convinced myself that it looked fine ever so slightly oversized, I was at the till shouting 'take my money' quicker than Cara Delevingne leaving an eyebrow bar.

I've worn it every day since Saturday so already the cost per wear is at £2.50. It's early days yet but I've got a feeling this could be my bargain find of the year!

Have you found any sale rail bargains lately?

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  1. I love when this happens, i always look in primark before buying any expensive items.


  2. That is such a gorgeous jacket! I love the colour, and the pattern is so cute. Such a good find :)) xx

    Gemma | ♥

  3. Wow what a great find! Ive kind of turned my back on Primark, but this could sway me to return. I love your writing style too! Quicker than Cara out of a eyebrow bar! Love it! xx

  4. To be hones I even like the Primark one more! I think it's more youthful and I like the fit better! Great bargain indeed! I should definitely hit primark sometime soon :)

    Fabulous blog! Following you :)