What's In My (Spring) Bag?

Here's my first 'whats in my bag' post, although If I'm completely honest I'm telling you all porkies! The things below are housed in my bag but often amongst a mountain of old till receipts, 1 & 2 pence pieces which I was too lazy to put back in my purse and discarded cinema stubs from 3 weeks ago ...but that wouldn't make for interesting blog reading!

I'm big on budget buys but I'm usually content with paying a bit more for bags, shoes and coats because I feel I'll get more wear out of them than regular clothes. Having said that I snapped up this neon pink studded satchel in Primark for a bargain £9. Ok it's not real leather but seeing as the real mccoy on ASOS is in the region of £120 - I'm quite chuffed with my find.

I annoyingly suffer with hayfever in the Spring thanks to my allergy to Tree Pollen, so I always carry a dose of Certerazine antihistamines which are prescribed to me by my GP. Its the only thing that works for me, other tablets make me really drowsy and result in me falling asleep by 8pm, missing out on the longer lighter evenings.

Any hint of sunshine is an excuse for me to sport my sunglasses, not just for vanity purposes (I can leave the house with no eye make up - yipee!) but also to protect my eyes from the pollen. I got these tortoise shells for £10 in River Island recently after breaking the last of many pricier Ray-bans. I love the retro winged eye look - very Kardashian! They come in Black too!

Other handbag staples are my Cath Kidtson Oyster card holder, Blistex Lip conditioner balm, sample size perfume sprays for on the go top-ups, a pink neon beanie for chilly spring nights (eBay here), Soap & Glory Hand Food and my favourite lipgloss - H&M's Bite Me Blonde which is a lovely natural nude and only £2.99!

My purse houses all my loyalty, bank, gym & Slimming World membership cards, as well as my Boots Advantage & Tesco Clubcard vouchers which I always forget to use! 

I'm not one for carrying a make up bag or reapplying it when I'm out, I think I'm put off by years of seeing girls in the morning on the London Underground disastrously trying to apply their mascara open mouthed on a moving train. I don't even carry a brush with me!  

I occasionally carry a fold away bag if i'm going on a big shopping trip. I hate the Primark paper bags, as they tear so easily so I have this oversized monochrome Aztec print shopper which I whip out to hold my new purchases. It fits snuggly on my shoulder keeping my hands free for further browsing. Its also handy for overnight stays. It was only £6 from Primark.

Finally the one thing, aside cash and keys that I always carry with me is my iPhone which doubles up as my iPod. I have such eclectic taste in music from cheesy 80's to dubstep, from reggae to UK Garage! 

On Friday I was lucky enough to get through to buy 4 tickets to The Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert in July, so the Grrr! & Rolled Gold album will be on my playlist for a while! My favourite Stones song? Jumpin' Jack Flash (...and my secret guilty pleasure is Susan Boyle's cover of Wild Horses - I told you I had eclectic taste!)

So what's in your spring bag? Is it any different to what you carry in the winter? Are you guilty of hoarding old receipts or chucking coppers in the bottom of your bag too!?

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  1. Everything looks gorgeous! I'm definitely with you on the hand food and cat eye sunglasses. xo

  2. The sunglasses look nice. Shame about the Raybans, haha! My bag is pretty much the same but I just carry everything around with me


  3. I like the bag! It looks much more expensive than Primark :) I always have hand food with me too ;) xx

  4. I love the bag! I bought a white studded bag from Primark a few weeks ago and love it!

    I would LOVE it if you would check my blog out and maybe even follow too? :D


  5. I loveeee that bag! I thought it was a Zatchel bag :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. looove that bag, such a bargain!

  7. such a pretty bag, perfect for spring/summer;)X


  8. I can't believe the bag is from Primark, it's gorgeous! Was expecting it to be an expensive one! x