And Other Stories: Total Re-Touch (Touche Eclat Dupe!)

I popped on the London Underground a few stops to Oxford Street last weekend to have a mooch around. After reading praise of the new & Other Stories store on blogs, my first thought was to head straight to Regents Street for my verdict on the High Streets most recent offering.

If I'm honest I wasn't that wow'd by the clothes. They weren't too dissimilar to whats on the rails with a cheaper price tag in sister store H&M. To the shops defence the clothes did feel better quality & the shopping experience/layout/fixtures felt more luxe. The rails were not the frustrating, jam-packed, cluttered mess which I have come to associate with H&M.

The jewellery turned my head, with a more unusual collection of items compared to the conveyer belt of 'samey' rings and necklaces found in most places. 

The main aspect that would entice my return to the store is their own branded make-up. I've mentioned previously that H&M's cheap & cheerful lipgloss in 'Bite Me Blonde' is one of my handbag top-up staples - so I had high hopes!

Priced somewhere between drug store and higher end, the make up & skin care catered for an array of skin tones and types, as well as offering a vast array of shades in lipsticks and nail polishes. It was also nice to browse a beauty counter without a clown-faced 'consultant' pressuring you into a sale ...but having staff near enough, should you need them. 

I had recently used the last of my YSL Touche Eclat & intended to pick up a replacement, but before handing over £25 in the department stores I discovered the & Other Stories Total Re-Touch. Going on the name and similar packaging it looked a great dupe for my regular pricer preference.

I purchased Total Re-Touch in Shade 1, the palest, for £10 (unfortunately there are only 3 shades to chose from in this line, so YSL wins on that point.) On using the product I was further impressed with the similarities. YSL is slightly more concentrated so less product is needed on application but the & Other Stories offering does has buildable coverage and after a click or two I was happy with the results.

Total Re-Touch also has the YSL-esque illuminating properties and contains Vitamin E which has a moisturising effect. Whilst I won't be dumping my trusty Touch Eclat anytime soon, I will definitely repurchase this designer dupe for every day make up and save my YSL counterpart (& some ££s!) for special occasions.

Do you have a favourite affordable duplicate of a higher end make up brand or beauty product?  

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  1. Ohh this sounds good! I am pleased there are dupes for the touch elat because it is a bit pricey!

    Jo xx

  2. I really want to pick up the touche eclat, but it's so pricey, so I'm glad that there's a good dupe for it, at a tenner I definitely should pick this up!

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  3. This looks great, so glad it's a dupe for the Touch Eclat!

    Hannah from

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  5. This sounds really good! :)

    Kelly xo