VO5 Hot Oil Give Me Moisture Shower Elixir - Review

When I first started colouring my hair growing up, I introduced VO5 individual tubes of hot oil treatments to my haircare routine. Despite being pleased with the results I found it a bit of a kerfuffle boiling water & warming them through first before application. I got a little lazy and slowly stopped using them.

After having a browse in my local Superdrug I noticed that VO5 now sell a similar 'Hot Oil - Give Me Moisture' elixir treatment (£4.29) in a 75ml tube marketed for use whilst in the shower. I decided to give it a wizz as the fact this treatment does not require preheating and only takes one minute from application to rinse all whilst in the shower - ticked all of my lazy girl boxes!

I have dyed blonde hair so am prone to dry straggly ends. The fact I own many heated hair tools also doesn't help the cause. With this in mind, any new product which promises relief on porous locks I snap up in hope of some respite from an obviously over bleached barnet. 

To date, no conditioner ever matches the amazing results I experience using my individual tubes of Clairol Nice & Easy conditioner which retail at £1.05 each & are usually housed in Boots by the hair colourants. I highly recommend them to anyone but unfortunately the small tubes only last just two washes so can easily work out expensive if you condition your hair every wash or if it's particularly long like mine. In my experience no conditioner I've tried excels the Nice and Easy tubes, so I continue to purchase basketfuls on every visit to Boots - even if it's not the most cost effective way to condition my hair.

I was a little sceptical of the VO5 elixir but I need not have been. On the tube there are guideline markers on how much product you should use for each treatment, but I guess this would vary from person to person depending on your hair length as I needed a little over the recommended amount to treat my ends. 

I left the treatment on my hair for 1 minute as instructed and was happy with the results straight away. Whilst rinsing the elixir away my hair immediately felt much softer, but the big test for me was stepping out of the shower and unwrapping the towel, then attempting to rake a comb through my head of tangled mess.

Fortunately the elixir assisted untangling my locks with complete ease and once my hair was dry it felt moisturised and silky. I also felt my split ends were less visible and I was very happy with the results!

My only minor bugbear would be that as the elixir is an oil, you have to be really careful in the shower with already slippery hands. When you're squeezing the product into your wet hand it can easily fall through your fingers and straight down the plughole ...but perhaps I'm just clumsy and this is something i'll master in time!

Overall a fantastic product and one I highly recommend. I'll definitely replace this when I'm running low which is something I rarely get to say when it comes to me trying new hair conditioning products!

Do you have a conditioner or treatment you swear by?

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  1. Great review! I still have some of the hot oil tube things in my drawer, but I'm too lazy to use them too! Might give this a whirl xx

  2. I swear by the S&G conditioner, but I'll have to try the Vo5, sounds great

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  3. I love the Aussie Take the Heat conditioner! It smells amazing too! x

  4. I could have sworn I was following you by GFC?! I am now.. but don't know what happened there!
    I tried the old formula of this and wasn't impressed, I will have to give this new one a try xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. HAH I know exactly what you mean with the Nice n Easy conditioner!! I used to use that hair dye all the time and me and my mam LOVED the conditioner that it came with! I've been dying to try that VO5 Hot Oil for ages but they never have it in the Boots I go to!