Soap and Glory - Hand Food Review

I know, I know... I'm late to this party! I'd not really paid much attention to Soap & Glory products before & would stupidly walk past the pink shelves when it Boots without much thought. 

...Well silly me for being so naive! 

Soap & Glory's Hand Food is everything you'd need a hand cream to be; thick but not greasy, quickly absorbent, softening and hydrating. All housed in a generous size tube that's still petit enough to fit comfortably in your bag for on the go 'feeds'! 

The absolute No1 selling point for me is the creams original pink fragrance for which the ingredients of shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow can probably be held accountable (yes, marshmallow - AMAZING!) 

I suffer with mildly sensitive skin and mostly opt for non-fragranced products where possible, but so far after a fortnights use around twice a day I've suffered no unpleasant side effects - aside looking a little silly when I'm caught sniffing my gorgeously scented hands!

I love the distinctive packaging and Soap & Glorys clever penchant to play on words. I now follow their social media which is equally as endearing and informal - in a good way! They almost feel like friends... 

So, moral of the story? Never must I waltz past the pink shelves of Boots again!

I'll definitely be reinvesting in Soap & Glorys Hand Food. I wonder if other products in their range smell just as amazing? ...I guess there's only one way for me to find out! 

Have you ever unintentionally dismissed a brand but been pleasantly surprised after using their products?

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  1. If you like the original pink scent then there's a whole world of scented joy out there for you! Even their hand sanitizer has a hint of original pink to balance out some of the alcohol smell, plus there's clean on me shower cream, righteous butter and lotion, flake away and scrub of your life body scrubs and even an original pink perfume.

    I've been a soap and glory fan for a couple of years almost, now, but previous to my discovery I, too, thought they were just gimmicky but of no substance - pre judging is silly.

    Once you've had your fill of original pink... how'd you feel about products that smell like cakes in the oven?!

  2. I used to really like S&G but went off it a while back! x

  3. I have tried this and it is great. I love all Soap & Glory products to be honest x

  4. Hand Food is brilliant. I also like their Hand Mask, Endless Glove :) xo

  5. I absolutely love this, I always just pinch my Mum's which I've bought for her, but I think I need my own now! xo

  6. I recently tried this and I love it too! As you mentioned about fragrance, I found that a lot of the soap and glory products have a really strong fragrance, just something to look out for. This product however, I think is perfect! xx

  7. Yeah other products in the range have the exact same smell, this is my favourite hand cream!

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  8. It sounds amazing! I! i've been looking for another lotion to try.


  9. Such an amazing hand cream! I just recently finished and bought a new one! Great post!

    -Erica xx | Bloglovin

  10. I love this stuff! Been through many tubes xx

  11. This is my favourite hand cream! x

  12. Love this post! I've never thought much of the range either but will definitely give it a go now xx