Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo - Review

Being a bottle blonde is hard work, not only do us falsies have to redo our roots every 6 weeks or so but we also have to put up with horrible orangey brassy tones, particularly from too much styling, too much sun or during those first few washes after we've had our dark roots 'assisted'...

Step forward Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo!

I've tried other products which promised to eradicate my brassy locks but without much sucess. The nearest purse friendly option to achieve that promise was the Lush Marilyn Hair Moisturiser - which did do the trick but unfortunately unlike most of my other Lush favourites I found the pot packed a slightly unpleasant smell which put me off of repurchasing.

I'd accumulated a few bob on my Boots Advantage card so along with my brassy bonce decided to scour the shelves and see what I could find. The reviews I'd read for the Lee Stafford shampoo were 50/50, so I was sceptical as I took it to the checkout still analysing the packaging. I need not have worried as it worked like a dream! 

Despite finding pouring the purple liquid on my hair a little bizarre, this shampoo is far superior to anything else I've tried & did exactly what it said on the tin (or bottle). My hair remained bright but was rid of those horrible orangey hues. If you're a fellow blonde, you'll know that it's also really difficult to achieve shine in dyed blonde hair but after using the Bleach Blondes shampoo it was was masse of shiney, squeeky clean, moisturised heaven that had the added bonus of smelling great too!

My only negatives would be that you need a rather generous amount to get a decent lather - so the product may run out sooner than you think! Also ensure you give your hair a good rinse after as I initially made that mistake and was left with quite a heavy head of un-styleable (is that a word?!) hair...although admittedly this is more my fault than the products.

It's advised that the shampoo is not used every wash as it's a toning shampoo so having a break is important as you don't want to over tone your hair. On reflection, this is a good thing as although it's not massively expensive at £6.39 for 250ml, to use every wash would work out a lot more pricier than my current 400ml cheaper Aussie offering.

Overall a great product which I'd happily to recommend to my fellow bottle blondes! 

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  1. I am currently loving the Lush hair masks their every so good and smell fruity and fresh x


  2. I'm dying my hair on wednesday, I'll definitely keep this shampoo in mind :)

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts

  3. definitely gonna try this!
    sick of all the other shampoos i've tried making my ends brittle
    nice post :)
    jane -

  4. I've recently been obsessed with lush and their skin and hair products!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I would really appreciate it! <3

  5. i love purple shampoos they save me some much money!