The Body Shop - Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. Review

I've been meaning to pick these up for a while and after The Body Shop announced a 40% off code last week, I took the opportunity to finally remove these two from my 'would like to try' list and swiftly into my online basket...

The 250ml Banana Shampoo and Conditioner usually retails at £4.50 but using the code I got them for £2.70 each. A perfect price point for a new user wanting to sample a product for the first time.

I loved the smell of both of the products, although the conditioner seemed to smell more pungent - this was a positive thing, although hilariously my shower seemed to take longer than usual as I spent time sniffing the bottles over actually showing, but hey, me time huh!?

If I'm honest the shampoo, although smells divine, didn't clean my hair any better than my regular Aussie offering (to be fair it's still not greasy yet and I'm on day 3!) 

The conditioner was a pleasure to use and did leave my locks tangle-free and smooth, perhaps no more than my usual conditioner but the attractive banana scent definitely works to its advantage. 

My way-with-words boyfriend kindly called me 'Nesquik head' after seeing the products in our bathroom although after rinsing no Banana scent remained in my hair which was a bit disappointing. On reflection this maybe a blessing in disguise as angry wasps following me in the summer is the last thing I'd want!

I would buy this shampoo & conditioner again but only if it was on offer ...even if it's just to hear the other half's loving terms of endearment! 

Do you have a favourite shampoo or conditioner? 

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  1. I love bananas and really want this!!

  2. Heyy i liked your style and blog .I'm following you if you want :

  3. Enjoyed reading this post. I love Body Shop and have been wanting to try this out, might have to invest next month !

    Faye <3

  4. I bet these smell divine! You got them so cheap, so jealous!

    Lindsey. x

  5. I really wanna try these - i think the body shop went down hill abit but is recently picking itself up again - I would never buy anything not on offer tho because they seem to always have some sort of deal!!
    I normally use Aussie too - haven't really found a similarly priced alternative yet!!
    Becca xx

  6. I haven't been to the body shop for a while, but you have encouraged me to go in and chekc out these banana (or should I say Nesquick Products). I do tend to use coconut scented shampoos and conditioners, but am willing to give these a go for sure.