No Buzz For Burts Bees Hand Salve...

A winter beauty wrath that's guaranteed to need our extra TLC over the winter months is our weatherbeaten hands.

I've always been fairly lucky in the past having never particularly suffered too much from chapped hands. This year however has been a different story and I've found myself raiding the shelves of Boots for the perfect product to assist in keeping my mitts in tip top, flake-free condition.

As a big fan of Burts Bee's the brand was naturally my first stop. Having had positive experiences with their products in the past I concluded that the Burt's Bees Hand Salve would easily exceed the job description. 

The dainty little tin is perfectly pocket sized ...but I'm afraid that's where my praise has to stop.

I'm not a lover of 'use your fingers' unhygienic tins in any case but found using this miniature pot of greasy goop quite an unpleasant experience. In order to offer my dry hands any salvation a hefty amount of this 8.5g product needs to be applied. This is much easier said than done and after spending time building up the balm & avoiding digging my fingers in too hard, my hands still felt dry even after a generous helping. I couldn't help but think I wasn't getting value for money.

Another bugbear was that it smelt rather medicated, almost like a Vicks vapour rub. Whilst this may not be an issue to some, I can imagine the pungent scent courting you some funny glances if used it in public. 

Whilst the tin is perfect for my handbag unfortunately I feel a product with easier application is probably better suited for my fussy needs.

Do you have a favourite hand care product or brand?

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  1. I recommend Nivea Pure & Natural Hand Cream, it always makes my hands super moisturised :) xx

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  2. Funny you should mention Burts Bees but I just gave my mum a whole jar of their beeswax and banana hand lotion stuff - I'd been really looking forward to opening it, but I hated it! So heavy and gloopy and took an age to rub in. I prefer a lighter cream - the L'occitane ones are lovely - I reckon Burts Bees is more suitable for very very dry skin (my Mum is 62 and a hardcore gardener).

  3. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you, I need to find my perfect hand cream too, xoxo.

  4. I'm on the hunt for a hand cream at the moment. I think I'll have to give this one a miss!
    Samantha x

  5. thanks for writing this. I'm a burts bees fan and probably would have purchased this at some point until now!

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  8. i love soap and glory hand care stuff, your blog is just lovellyyy, I'll definitively be visiting again, keep up the good work :)

  9. It's a shame that it wasn't so great. I suffer really badly from chapped hands in Winter so I'm always on the lookout for good products, but the tin packaging sounds quite odd for hand care-think I'll stick to the hand cream but thankyou for this honest review!!


  10. Where I Live I can't always buy things people rave about online, I'm glad that you've found an issue with Burts Bees.. As nice as it looks I don't think I could use it on myself. Thanks for the blog about it.

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  13. Ha, the Vicks vapour rub isn't the best, and I totally agree about sticking your finger in products but it does work quite well, I have the stick salve and love it, after the burning subsides anyway...!

    E x