Lip Care: L'Occitane Limited Edition Cocoa Balm - Review

I'm a sucked for the perfect pout and have accumulated quite a collection of nourishing, repairing and moisturising lip balms and creams. 

My obsession started when I was at school, carrying my scrummy strawberry Body Shop lip tub in my uniform blazer and reapplying between my Maths and English lessons. Whilst I still love The Body Shop, I've since moved on to more mature lip care equivalents and thought I'd give the L'Occitane Limited Edition Cocoa Lip Balm a wizz.

I'm a massive fan of L'Occitane hand creams which are the best on the market in my opinion, so I had real high hopes for their take on lip care.

Containing 10% cocoa it smelt divine ...almost so divine that I found it a struggle to not lick my chocolately flavoured lips! This of course almost defeats the object of applying a repairing product for chapped lips as I felt encouraged to make the symptoms worse! It's really hard to not lick your lips subconsciously when they taste and smell of chocolate!

I also found the product wore off really quickly and I was reapplying the balm at more frequent intervals than other lip moisturisers I have used in the past.

It smelt lovely and the cute packaging would be a welcomed addition to any girls handbag - but unfortunately the product didn't quite meet the barr or expectation I had experienced previously with this beauty brand.

Do you have lip balm recommendation?

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  1. I really like the packaging, and I love that it smells like chocolate!
    Definitely going to check it out, haha :)

  2. Love the packaging, and the cocoa scent sounds beaut!

    I reckon if it doesn't last too great it wouldn't be good for me - I'm a sparse applier as I constantly forget until I feel that little tub of vaseline rattling around in my bag.

    My most recent fave is 'pink bubbly' limited edition vaseline. the classic never gets old!

    Great review! xxx

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