Favourites: BB Cream

I no longer bother with heavy foundations, particularly for day wear. I'd always been a fan of tinted moisturiser but often struggled to find them and when I did the shades were never quite right for my skin tone.

Relatively recently BB creams have flooded the cosmetic market - I think they are fab but my favourite of the bunch is the Superdrug own brand 5-in-1 skin perfecting day cream.

I love this cream as the liquid its really light and thin. Despite it not being a heavier product you still get a flawless result. It also successfully hides most blemishes so quite often leaves my concealer redundant too! Unlike some of it's competitors that I have tried this Superdrug BB cream smells really lovely and doesn't take an age to blend into the skin. 

It also has SPF15 which is the absolute minimum sun protection factor we should be wearing. Even when it's not particularly sunny the UVA/B rays are still penetrating our skin so it's another factor on why this BB cream has fast become one of my favourites.

Available in three generic 'light' 'medium' and 'dark' shades I appreciate this may not be tailored or specific enough for everyone - but a tube in 'light' is just perfect for me. It blends really well with my skin tone and I love the natural and even finish.

Another plus is the price point, this is only £6.99 but is often featured in deals so you can usually get it cheaper. It can be found on the shelf alongside face creams as apposed to being in the make-up cosmetics section and is housed amongst the other Superdrug branded lotions and potions.

Do you use or have a favourite BB cream? 

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  1. I have heard a lot of good things about the superdrug own range. I have a no7 BB cream that I really like, so I'll have to check this out too :) x


  2. I wish my skin was nice enough to get away with only wearing a bb cream, they look so nice. Good price for this one.


  3. I had never even heard of bb creams...where the hell have i been??

  4. What a total BARGAIN if this actually works for me. My face has some really annoying blemishes - definitely worming its way into my basket next time I'm in town!