Charity Vs Vintage Shops - Charity Shop Haul

I live in East London, an area which in recent years has seen an influx of pretentious over-priced vintage shops and hipster types who spend their cash there. After having a conversation with two pretty girls at my local Sunday market one week, they suggested they'd turn their nose up to shopping in a charity shop but had no qualms in buying 2nd hand from trendy vintage stores. 

I found this quite bizarre. Firstly the offerings in both shops are preloved, so why not let a charity benefit? Secondly, the lines in many charity shops are cleaned & pressed before making their way onto the shop floor for purchase. After frequenting some of my local vintage boutiques & the musty smell which meets your nose on entry - I'm not sure the same can't be said for the ones I know of!

I was told by the two lovely fashionistas that it is because the vintage shops have buyers who handpick desirables such as leather and varsity jackets, 80s slogan tees, Levi denims and kitsch deer ornaments which seem to be all the rage at the moment. 

BUT where do these buyers shop? Thats right; eBay, car boots, jumbles and of course Charity Shops.

These sort after picks then get a ridiculous price tag that shoppers are willing to pay who can blame the owners? Are they genuinely interested in recycling and keeping old but wearable clothes from a landfill, or are they just clever business people making money from those happy to pay a 200% mark up because it's been found for them? Besides, where's the fun in having everything in front of you!? Imagine the buzz in finding that gem for yourself hidden amongst toot or a mountain of well-worn Primark donations.

I admit it, I used to be a bit snobby about Charity shops. My Mum would often donate our old clothes and my unwanted toys to our local shops. Whilst I never minded donating my old things I used to hate going in there incase I was spotted by teasing friends. That was until I picked up a bag full of nearly new games for my Gameboy. The rest - as they say - was history!

I've found some great bargains over the years, particularly for my bedroom. I thought maybe a Charity shop haul tag would be a great permanent blog feature to share any bargains I find. Below are a few bits and bobs I've picked up recently:

Black leather fringe shoulder bag £5 - Handy for the upcoming festival season! Marie Curie Shop

Glassware Dish which currently houses my cotton buds £1 Barnardos

Glassware lidded pot which I use to store my kirby grips £2 Barnardos

Shabby Chic/Rococo dressing table storage box which is now housing my beauty product samples £4 St Francis Hospice

Shabby Chic/Rococo photoframe ...which needs some pictures! £5 Spitalfields Crypt Trust 

Unused TIGI Maxxed-Out hairspray and Superstar massive hair blow dry lotion £1 each Cancer Research UK

Blind Lemon is also a great free app on the iPhone & Android which tells you what charity (& vintage) shops are in proximity to you using GPS - which is handy for discovering new shops if you are in an unfamiliar area. 

How do you feel about charity shopping? Have you ever found any bargains? ...or would you rather buy brand new?

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  1. Uhh, I am so gonna start using Blind Lemon haha. Love that bag too:)
    Thank you so much for following my blog, followed yours too, its awesome! xx

  2. The bag and the gold box are so cute! xxx

  3. I was exactly like you, I used to be a bit snobby about them and still to this day feel scared in case I get spotted which is stupid. The charity shops round where I live are not that great having said that, we have a Sue Ryder Music shop which is fantastic and mainly where I pick up my drum tab sheet music. I love your Shabby Chic/Rococo dressing table storage box! It's amazing!!!! xxxx

  4. Love that storage box - so ornate and pretty!

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  6. Lovely finds! I'm always in and out of charity shops and, like you, I have found people that would rather be seen dead than in a charity shop but then claim to love vintage clothing! I enjoy the 'hunt' when shopping second hand and my bank balance thanks me for it :)
    It would be great to see you carry on your charity shop haul posts :)
    Rachelle x

  7. Love the dressing table box SO nice!!

  8. The glassware items and the storage box are absolute gems. You are so lucky to have got them, I'm in home decor love!

    Dusterknuckles | I'm Having A Celine Giveaway

  9. That storage box and glassware is amazing!
    I've just started a blog so I'm a new follower :)

    Samantha xo

  10. I've recently started buying second-hand things via ebay, and it's great! I've received some items which aren't particularly clean(!) but after a good wash they're fine. I love getting bargains! I buy most of my things from sales.

    I totally agree with the fact charity shops and vintage shops are basically the same thing. I need to go to charity shops more, but at the moment I'm loving ebay!

    I'm interested to see your other charity shop hauls :) xx

  11. You can get some bargains in charity shops! well done :) I am a new follower. - maybe you could check it out if you have a chance :D

  12. I don't really know why people are amazed so much my the glasswares.. They've been in "Fashion" for a long time, charity shop or not people buy them. Agree that vintage shops are exactly the same as a charity shop, but charity shops wash the clothes and toys, and vintage places don't, they literally put on the shop floor as soon as they get stuff.
    The only good thing about vintage v charity is that charity shops sell shit people dont need like toys and ugly curtains, vintage stores hand pick what they get and put out on display, although you do get some weird things from the vintage shop :)

  13. I worked at a charity shop for 5 years and saw first hand all the "pickers" for vintage store. It is crazy how much they mark things up it is 100% worth your time to go and support a charity shop:) great post!! I love the tin for beauty sample.

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