Trendy Tights or No Go Pantyhose?

URB - a new online retailer - have raised a few fashion eyebrows with their $50 (£30) melting tights.

Advertised for purchase on their website, the dripping paint tights are designed for those that want to stand out from the crowd.

Already gaining much media coverage in publications suchs as German Grazia and Glamour Brazil the news about this new hosiery brand are spreading fast.

I definitely wouldn't wear them to pop to my local shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon but can well imagine glamourous girls sporting these under their short shorts at summer festivals. 

I can also envision River Island and Topshop making similar off the peg versions to compliment their SS13 collections.

I'm not sure i'd rush out to buy a pair of these 30 quid tights just yet as I have a tendency to collect more ladders than the UKs Fire Service, but perhaps my arm (or leg?) could be twisted to own a pair in the more subdued black or glitter as an item for my wackier festival wardrobe.

Alternatively: get a pair of Primarks, a pot of Dulux and let your little brother do his worst.

What do you think of paint drip inspired hosiery? Pull 'em up or pull 'em off?

You can visit the URB website here

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  1. Hm... looks a little bit too GaGa for me!

  2. Hi there! No, not my cup of tea at all, but I do agree they may well be a surprise fashion hit at the summer festivals!

  3. No Go Pantyhose for the first two pairs definitely but I quite like the 4th pair!

    Eda ♥

  4. Hmmmmm not sure, probably couldn't rock them myself but can imagine they would look pretty good on the right person!

  5. I like them! But er 30 pounds a pair?? I think not. Hopefully river island are better priced...though the primark idea isn't a bad one. Hope you will check out my blog and let me know what you think. Ive become a follower of yours :)

  6. Hah, I saw an advert for these last night - I think they're pretty awful..who would want this as a look?!! >.<

  7. Those are some of the most interesting tights I've ever seen. Thanks for telling me all about them!

  8. I cant say i have ever seen anything like this before. they arent something id rush to go and purchase and i dont think i'll be changing my mind any time soon. great post! New follower x

  9. Haha I was going to do a post on these too... I'm not even going to lie, they just look like someone's had a massive accident that just so happened to flow symmetrically down ones' leg... I have a feeling that the "copycat" versions, which I'm sure will be out soon, will be better than these
    Lovely blog btw... you have a new follower :-)

  10. Eeep no I don't think those are for me. I just don't get them.... maybe I'm too old! I guess I'll see lots of girls about 10 years younger than m e running around wearing these this summer.

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

  11. I don't think i'll be wearing those tights but they are pretty cool. I agree with Topshop and River Island following the trend though, maybe if they aren't too expensive i'll try them out. xx

  12. I like the silver glitter paint pair but I rip tights so easily there's no way I'd pay that much to only wear them once!

  13. Wow these look well funky :0 want a pair!

    Pipp xx

  14. I am ridiculously in love with these URB tights. Have been mulling over whether to buy a pair for about a month now! Think I must!

    Allie xo
    Ignoring The Changing Room Mirror