Primark SS13 Campaign - Good Value Or Are We Clones?

I know! It seem's a bit crazy even contemplating Spring & Summer whilst wrapped up in snuggly wool jumpers & watching news reports of snow storms - BUT it won't be too long until we get our lighter, warm nights back and we can dust down the BBQs, air our pasty legs and hit the park, beaches and theme parks again...

I was lucky enough to attend the Primark press day just before Christmas and there really is something for everyone in this collection. Primark tick all the predicted SS13 trend boxes; pastels, girly tea dresses, lots of denim, Chinese Kangai style blue and white prints, nods to nautical and navy. 

In contrast Primark have also rolled over luxe sportswear from AW12 with a summery take on the sporty tomboy trend. If Rita Ora & Rihanna can pull off dungarees with an acid bright crop top & a spring-chill-suitable beanie ...then we all can we right?!? 

Primark have also recently introduced their sportswear range which is already available, possibly in hope of catching the new year dieters market. Reasonably priced sweat pants, zipped jackets and vests - whats not to like?

I'm a big fan of Primark and aside a few pieces that are not to my personal taste (not a fan of creepers, and it looks like they're here to stay!) I think the store gives other High Street brands a healthy run for their money when it comes to high trend disposable fashion. 

Besides, whats the point in paying £60 for a two wear wonder when you can purchase similar in Primark for £12?

My only concern is with so many branches of Primark popping up (at least where I live in London anyway) are we all going to be walking around dressed the same as Primark clones?!

What do you think of Primark or their SS13 campaign?

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  1. I agree about the clone thing! I do love primark though for a bargain! xox

  2. I have the exact same worry as you, I love primark but there's so many now and I worry that I'm going to buy something and everyone I know will have the exact same dress haha! The first dress looks gorgeous though for summer! :) xxx

  3. The first dress is SO nice! Thanks for this post xo

  4. went to the press day too, was very impressed w/the ss13 collection.

    lets all pray there wont be Primark clones.


  5. I can't wait to see the rest of this in stock! & I agree, too many people wearing Primark :(

  6. Love this post and love the outfits! xx

  7. love the dresses! can't wait to see the whole collection!