Poundshop/Discount Store Bargains - #2

Here's another post from my Discount/Poundshop bargains series which I hope to publish regularly. You can read my first post on £1 shop buys here!

First up is Label.m Hair Polish which I found for just 89p in my local discount store. Unfortunately this is a one off independent shop on my local High Street and not part of a chain like Poundland etc...

I'm not sure if the shop owners knew what they had but I've seen Label.m products in salons carrying a hefty price tag. Admittedly, I probably wouldn't have purchased this at full RRP but being a brand hoarder and at just eighty-nine pennies this bargain was too good to pass up.

It is simply applied to dry hair to control frizz. My hair is naturally poker straight so I don't suffer too much from frizz problems but I do need a helping hand as my locks are fly-away and static, especially after a wash. My split ends are pretty visible too after too much styling/heating/curling and fiddling!

The next two products where purchases from Poundworld in Romford, Essex. I don't have a Poundworld near me so I like having a nosey in there any time I venture to Essex for a day of shopping. 

The Toni & Guy Instant Calmer & Strengthener For Blondes is a simular product to the Label.m gloss, but has 'tone intensifying, shade specific care.' Poundworld also had the brunette equivalent, but as a blondie obviously I didn't need to buy this.

I also picked up This Toni & Guy Finishing Shine Spray. When applied it apparently gives your hair a light, dazzling sheen. As a blonde, glossy locks are something that is almost unachievable so I'm looking forward to giving it a go!

Have you found any discount/pound store bargains lately?

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  1. Amazing finds. I hope poundland keep them for a further 91 days lol. I need the toni and guy stuff! M x

  2. I have just had to re-read this? Are you telling me you bought that Tony and Guy in a cheap shop?! i paid £7 for mine, I feel that I have been cheated! love your blog, it's so cute an I love the background:)

    Catherine x


  3. great finds! I love trying out new hair products, it's like crack for me.

    Currently Coveting

  4. Wow you picked up some real treats! I always think places like that will only sell rubbish. Maybe i'll think twice next time.

    Lindsey. x