Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen - Review

I've been meaning to do a review of the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen for a few weeks but it must have been fate that I do it this week as it's currently on sale on the Boots website for just £4.75 instead of its regular retail price of £9.50!

Black eye liners - there's not a whole lot to say about them really is there? I never felt the need to try a more expensive brand in the past. I've always used a cheap and cheerful one and it always served its purpose. 

During the Boxing Day sales on the ASOS website I had £12 to spend to round up my Christmas gift voucher bill, so selected a Pixi make up set for £12 in the sale to complete my transaction. 

Initially I was attracted by the Tinted Brilliance Balm lip pen but ironically it has ended up being the eyeliner in the trio that I'm raving about!

The pencil is a dream to apply, it glides on your eyes without any harsh tugging. It feels much more gentler than my cheaper pens. Another plus is it's staying power, there is no smudging or creasing all day, which is handy if you're not planning to attend a fancy dress party as Alice Cooper. 

I purchased the pen in "Black Noir" and the intensity of the colour could almost pass as a liquid liner. I use it lightly on my eye line as for me heavy colour during the day can look a bit too harsh. 

I haven't had to resharpen the pen yet, so no review on that aspect and the only negative is that it's highly pigmented so try not to accidently put it anywhere you don't want it - it goes on super easy!

I am now convinced it is worth dumping my regular cheap & cheerful eyeliner in favour for this Pixi Silky Eye Pen. 

The result of a more professional looking application and the ease in achieving this makes the few extra pounds on it's retail price worth it.

Do you have a favourite eyeliner?

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  1. Hi there! a great review on these, they sound like really good products!

  2. I'm exactly the sames as you when it comes to buying cheaper eyeliners, I never really think about oppting for for expensive brands. I've heard of pixie but never tried there stuff so many have to check them out... especially considering this is on offer at the moment! xx

  3. looks really nice, hopefully i can order online from australia. i love the look of liquid but hate applying it so this one aounds great, thanks :)