Lush Cosmetics...Where Have I Been?!

I'd never really ventured into Lush before. I'd always found the mishmash of smells wafting from the store a bit overpowering for my sensitive little self and had always walked by in the past. 

I know, I know...I must have been living under a rock!

Fast forward to Christmas '10 and I'm given a Lush gift set as a present. I was a bit indifferent - another 'smelly' set I thought ungratefully. I used the contents as an after thought before a bath late into February the following year.

From that day on I was hooked. My usual quick dips became hour-long sessions of 'me time' and now something I do regularly with my favourite Lush products. To cut a long story short: if Lush did a loyalty scheme - I'd be on a gazzillion points by now.

Here's my two favourite recent Lush purchases which I thought I'd share. If you have a spare bit of cash this January I highly recommend these treats:

First up is the Lip Scrub. I know lots of bloggers have raved about this already. It's perfect for keeping your lips silky smooth & free of chapped skin. I use it as part of my make up routine, particularly if I'm going to wear a heavy lip colour.

I bought the scrub in 'Popcorn' and the only downside is that as it tastes and smells so blimmin' good I have a tendency to lick it! (...which, as it's all natural ingredients is absolutely fine by the way!)

Another product is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. 

I'm a lazy moo when it comes to all that cleanse, tone and moisturising lark but one thing I am always adamant I do is exfoliate in the shower. 

I've tried many exfoliating products in the past, from cheap and cheerful own brand jobbies to deposit-on-a-house-ridiculous high end exfoliants. 

This Lush revelation tops the lot. The blue beaded scrub leaves my skin super soft and smooth, even hours after my shower and it smells great too!

I don't want to put my hippy hat on either but as an animal lover not only do Lush cosmetics leave you feeling amazing, they never buy ingredients from companies that test on animals. 

They also actively campaign against animal testing for cosmetics too. (Have a look at their dedicated website here.)

What's not to like? 

Do you have a favourite Lush product? 

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  1. Lovely post, I'm totally hooked on their products right now and am looking to branch out from more than just their bath bombs! I think I'll try that body scrub, since I loved their Sandy Santa but unfortunately it was limited edition! x

  2. Omg the popcorn lip scrub looks LUSH! haha x

  3. I'm having a major lush indulgence right now because I've been given so many bombs for christmas :) I have the mint lip scrub and its soooo good :)

  4. That body scrub sounds nice! Really want to try it now :) x

  5. I have both these products too, I absolutely love them both! I've been using Rub Rub Rub as a shampoo too, it works great as a once a week clarifying shampoo :) xo

  6. I haven't tried lush products really apart from the bath bombs and soap but I really want to try the exfoliatier and lip scrub now. Great review xx

  7. Cant wait for pay day this month ! Defo going to buy the lip scrub. I like the little hippy mention I'm also an animal lover and try and find products that don't test on animals. Lovely post :) x

  8. Mmmm I love the bubblegum lip scrub, I know exactly how you feel- I cannot resist having a little lick! Haha!

    I have not tried the scrub, but the colour looks exciting! I had some kind of modelling soap for christmas that smells amazing, cannot wait to try it!



  9. I love the lush lip scrubs so much, they keep my lips supper soft, and I get the worlds most chapped lips in the winter. Don't know what I would do without that product!

    Anna xx

  10. I haven't owned anything by lush before, but I visited the store once and they were so nice!

    <3 Melissa

  11. Lush is awesome. Just got one at a mall near me which is dangerous. I love their bath bombs. Amazing. I got the lip scrub in "Sweet Lips" and am having fun with that. Great blog. Thanks for posting.

  12. I love the lip scrubs. They make such a huge difference. I love rub rub rub. You may like ro's body conditioner. I'm lazy too and love this as you rub it on in the shower rinse off and your moisturising is done :-) x

  13. My favorite lush product is the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser! Its the only thing to use to wash my face. ALL of my skincare is for lush. I haven't really dabbled in their hair or body products much, but your post has intrigued me! Lovely post!

    - Erica xx

  14. I've never tried a Lush product, I'm ashamed to say! Partly because when I first heard of them I was working for The Body Shop and at the time they were our 'rivals'! Since then I've never really managed to try any products; can anyone recommend a lovely product of theirs?
    Also, what is the lip scrub like? I've just had a lip piercing, leaving my lips so dry and cracked all the time! Would this work?

    I've just finished a cute photography post, feel free to look :)

    charlotte xo

  15. Think a few lush items may have to be added to my ever growing shopping list!

    check out my blog if you have time! only just starting out! eek xx

  16. I have heard alot about the lip scrub! Lush always smells so good! I love going in there! x