Fragrance: Cheap Vs Pricey - Is There A Difference?

Reading my blog its obvious I love a bargain. I often feature discount store finds and money saving voucher codes for retailers. 

I'm quietly sceptical of high end products; do they work? are they worth the extra money? are we just paying for their glossy and expensive marketing campaigns?! 

...Well, one thing I think IS worth shelling out on is fragrance. 

My experience leads me to believe the more expensive the bottle the longer it lingers. My top three perfumes only require a little squirt and I'm set for the day. Even a few days later returning to a scarf I wore when I last used my Chanel Mademoiselle or Viktor and Rolfe Flowerbomb - I can still smell it lingering. 

I have received as gifts and bought cheaper smells in the past, particularly the celebrity endorsed type, but to me a lot of the celeb offerings have a similar pong and are often sickly sweet - perhaps to entice the teenage market? 

For me, it's the pricey perfumes, which are worth their price tag.

Rhianna, Beyonce, Kardashian or Gaga - you can forget it. The cheaper perfumes smell for 10 minutes then the waft vanishes! 

My top three pricey perfumes that linger are:

Chanel - Mademoiselle

Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb

Miss Dior - Cheire

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Have you ever had success with a celeb endorsed purfume?! 

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  1. I agree! I don't even bother smelling the celeb scents now. Britney put me of for life.

    I love Valentina by Valentino. Xx

  2. I love Viktor & Rolf but I just can't afford it on a student budget :(
    Yasmin xx

  3. I only get designer perfume at chistmas or my birthday. I use Zara perfumes for every day wear now!

  4. My all time favourite has been Cacharel Amor Amor. But I am also a huge fan of the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb xo

  5. nice parfums *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. Miss Dior è buonissimo!!

    Passa dal mio blog se ti va:


  7. I really the scent of Miss Dior. I already emptied two bottles of it. Thanks for sharing! :)