24 Hours Only! Nails Inc - Lucky Dip Flash Sale!

Another day, another online beauty bargain to be had and share with you all!

From 5pm TODAY until Friday 25th January Nails Inc are hosting a lucky dip online for 6 full size (10ml) Nails Inc polishes for just £15 plus £3.95 for delivery.  

Ok...its a bit pants that as it's a lucky dip we don't get to choose the polish shades. 

Initially I was sceptical as some of the Nails Inc polishes have been marked down to a fiver and I wouldn't want to get lumbered with the sale rubbish that no one else wanted - and have to pay for the privilege. 

HOWEVER Nails Inc have confirmed that you will not get any more than three sale polishes in your dip and that your order is guaranteed to be worth a minimum of £48.00. ...Not bad for a £15 spend? 

Would you like the thrill of the surprise? Or would you prefer to spend £15 on less polish pots but in shades you'd get to choose? 

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  1. This sounds good! Its very tempting! I like surprises but part if me would prefer to choose the colours just so I don't end up with dupes...bargain,though!

    Kimberley x


  2. so so tempting!! although the lucky dip bit is slightly off putting, knowing my luck they would all be the same ;) haha xx

  3. I love your blog! The layout is so pretty and unique! <3


  4. May have a go. You can never own too many nail polishes.


  5. Tempting...
    And those shades are so lovely.