Poundshop Beauty Bargains!

I admit it, as a teenager I used to be a bit snobby about discount or pound shops. I was adament that it was only the fake Ugg wearing, greasy pineapple hair-do'd Mums of 10 who would frequent the shop ...probably to pick up some unbranded multipack of baked beans to go with the turkey dinosaurs she'd just bought...

One day my mum dragged me into a poundshop and I begrudgingly followed. 30 seconds in and we found ourselves at the health & beauty isle & me muttering under my breath that I wanted to leave. 

A further 30 seconds later I had picked up some Revlon nail varnish, a large tub of Johnson's cotton buds, an ipod arm strap for the gym and a pair of Scholl gel innersoles which went on to be perfect for my high heels. The penny dropped - well one hundred of them actually: I realised if I had purchased these brands elsewhere it would cost me a whole lot more than £4. From that day on I was a poundshop convert.
Admittedly it's not all great; some of the nail polish shades would never make it onto the shelves of Boots. Baby poo-esq mustard or metallic bogey green anyone? ...but after a bit of sieving you do find some fabulous bargains. You also get a great sense of achievement knowing your paying a quid for something that is worth - or at least retails elsewhere - for a whole lot more!

I thought a great idea for a frequent blog post would be my Poundshop/Discount store fashion & beauty bargains although I'm pretty sure this tag already exists in the beauty blogosphere.

Here's a collection of items I have picked up in the past few months. I'll do these more frequently as & when I find my marked down treasures! 

First up we have the Charles Worthington Root Lift Spray. As someone who has naturally poker straight hair I was chuffed with this volumising purchase. Unfortunately the can is almost empty, so first rule of poundshop bargain hunting is when you find something you know you'll love - stockpile!!

Next up we have the Trevor Sorbie Volume Spray. I haven't had a chance to use this yet and admittedly I did pick it up on the basis of the label & that I knew this would be around £6-8 in Boots. 

Another haircare find was this Nicky Clarke Great Body spray. I use it on towel dried wet hair before blow drying and whilst I don't think the product particularly gives my hair any more oomph, it does leave my hair smelling rather nice to which I've earned a few compliments!

This Sally Hason haul is my most recent smug pound shop purchase; Salon Effects Polish Strips. These retail in Boots for much more than their quid price tag in Poundland which is why bought up the majority of my local stores stock! I haven't had a chance to try them yet but think the glittery wraps will be perfect for the party season.

Finally, a lesser known brand but for the price I thought were worth a try. 3D Glitter Nails: Very Ciate Caviar-esq! I know the glitter looks like its everywhere inside the packet and that I will probably have to attach them using my trusty pricer nail glue... but I thought for 99 pennies it was worth a wizz! I noticed lots of other girls scrambling for these too!

Have you ever found any great pound shop bargains? I've been a discount shop convert for a good few years now but I wish I had discovered them sooner!

Worryingly, I'm also partial to the odd a turkey dinosaur too! :)

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  1. I used to be the exact same, but I'm converted now! I was told to try out the eyelashes, & they're actually pretty decent - avoiding the dodgy looking glue of course. & I managed to pick up a couple of Stila products when they had them stocked, bargain!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos
    K, xo

  2. Haha I used to hate discount stores when I was a kid too, now I go in them all the time! Its great for toiletries, household products and random things like wool for crocheting and Christmas decorations. You've picked up some right bargains, I haven't seen those Sally Hansen nail wraps near me though! xx

  3. I picked up a handful of Revlon and Sally Hansen polishes earlier in the year in really good shares, a muted matt grey, bright coral and turquoise. I've also tried a good Sinful Colors cuticle oil.

    They also have some good chocolate iphone covers and weight watchets marshmallow wafer things!

  4. There's a good discount/pound shop called Dealz in Ireland, I bought cute little pastel containers that were supposed to be for outdoor candles but used them for brushes for 1.49 :D I think i'm gonna keep an eye out for things like those nail wraps next time :D x

  5. Great idea!! Really nice post :)

    Kimberley x

  6. it's suprising what you can find in £1 stores sometimes!


  7. Baby poo-esq mustard shade - so funny!:D I love a bargain, but it can be time consuming, that's for sure...

  8. Hey just discovered your blog. Really fab post about poundland stores. Did you watch that bbc programme recently about the pound shop wars? It was quite cool. I found some really high priced stila makeup in poundland the other week. Unfortunately not in the colours I could wear..it was mostly like very pale foundation. But I'd paid a fortune in boots for some stila eyeliner. I love a good discount and I love blogs about discounted things haha. Also really loving the background on your blog as well as your name thing at the top, lovely design.

  9. also ive never used nail wraps. how long do they last?

  10. I love the pound shop for beauty buys, I just find you sometimes have to REALLY search to get the good bargains!

  11. Very nice post! I really like your blog. I'm a new follower from Italy, ciao! :)

  12. Brilliant! I love pound shop bargains! Highlight of my shopping trips!! X

  13. Lovely bargains :)

    love char_beyy xxx