Zaggora HotPants 2 Week Challenge - Results and Review

Times up! I took Zaggora up on their two week challenge and the results are in..!

In 14 days I've lost 8lb. Just over half a stone. I must stress that this is in conjunction with me following the Slimming World food optimising plan on Extra Easy and prior to donning the Zaggoras I was loosing approx. 2lb a week steadily through healthy eating and exercise.  

For the extra 4lb off (...and a slimmer of the week fruit bowl & certificate at my Slimming World meeting!) I must say I was mightily impressed. I had been slowly loosing the inches from my chest and waist but struggled shaking any weight from my main problem areas - my bum and thighs. Since wearing the Zaggoras I have lost just short of an inch off the circumference of my thighs, and although I had not measured my bum my boyfriend has kindly pointed out without prompt that it looks "much smaller!"

I must admit I did not have the opportunity to wear the capri's everyday for 30 minutes throughout the fortnight - life simply got in the way...but I did try to pop them on at every opportunity, even if I was just walking the dogs in the park at a leisurely pace. I went to the gym around 3 times a week for 90minutes each time, and wore them when doing my housework too. I am confident that had I committed to wearing the Capri's daily as suggested by Zaggora that my total weight loss over the 14 days could have been even more.

  • You can feel it working! You feel warm just walking to the gym before commencing any workout. It's not an uncomfortable sensation - in fact its quite the opposite. It pushes you to work harder as you feel its warranted to put the effort in with that knowledge that you can burn additional calories. Whenever it's psychological or not I don't know but the fact it gives you that extra oomph to push yourself harder can only be a good thing. 
  • They make you sweat. Seriously sweat. I don't think I had ever experienced such sweaty legs before. On arrival home from the gym I literally have to peel these leggings off. Whilst it sounds pretty disgusting it gives you an immense sense of achievement ...and leaves your legs feeling bizarrely super soft too! 
  • The best thing about this product (aside the weight loss enhancement of course) is the fact that you cannot see the sweat on the leggings, so theres no disgusting wet patches. Yes sweating is normal, but it is something I absolutely hate to see on my regular gym gear. Ludicrously in the past I'd be very aware of over doing it in the gym incase multiple sweat patches appear. With the Zaggoras you can go in full pelt, safe in the knowledge that you will not be visibly soaked nor leave an 'I was here' puddle on the saddle of the gym bike!
  • Zaggoras customer service is brilliant. My query via email regarding delivery was answered informatively and within a few hours. The comments on their social media accounts are also responded to in super fast time. Prior to purchasing the pants I did not know much about the company, but this helped affirm that Zaggora is a good business to deal with. 

  • The minor gripes of these pants is that the waistband stops just on the hips. If they finished just a few inches higher then my hips and waist could benefit from their great work too. As I'm not a svelte size 10 (...yet!!) I was conscious to wear my regular gym tops with the Zaggoras. As a consequence of this, getting ready for the gym took additional time whilst I sieved through my tops, trying to find suitable longline vests which would hide any unwanted muffin top!
  • Another small bugbear was the 'swooshing' sound the material made as your thighs met when you walked/run. I thought perhaps this problem was exclusive to me being the owner of a pair of impressive thunder thighs but I did notice a lot of queries on the official Facebook page asking whenever this was normal. (Due to the nature of the material, it is completely normal) At first I did feel self conscious and over sensitised to the racket I was making whilst on the treadmill. I soon realised amongst the other gym users heavy pounding on the travelators and the grunts from the weights area, my swooshing was nothing in comparison and my fellow gym bunnies seemed to not take any notice. (Most of us were listening to iPods anyway!)

  • My other little grumble would be the cleaning of the product. They have to be rinsed in cool water and without detergent then drip dried. I struggled to not wash them after every use just because of the amount they make you sweat. I rinse mine off in the shower and leave them to dry on a clothes horse overnight. Usually they are still damp the next day which means they aren't dry enough to wear again so soon. It also doesn't help you can't wring the product to remove the excess water. I have a hand wash option on my washing machine which I am often tempted to use, but thought better of it not wanting to ruin the pricey pants. 
On the whole I do feel there is enough evidence to warrant investing in Zaggoras. I experienced heightened weight loss on wearing them and whilst I don't expect to maintain such a speed of loss - especially as realistically I can only get to the gym 3 times a week - it makes sense to choose to wear these over regular gym pants for the additional calorie burn. 

Ideally I'd prefer to own two pairs if possible so the washing/drying intervals would never be an issue. At £65 a throw for my preferred design of the 2.0 Capri's, they're unfortunately not the most affordable...

...perhaps the cash I'm saving on chocolatey treats can go towards my fund for a second pair..!?

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