Valentines Schmalentines!

You'd expect the girl who's anti valentines to be a bitter and twisted singleton, perhaps with a back catalogue of failed relationships, scaving about their ex's with an utter hatred of men. 

Perhaps even being the single girl among a group of friends dreading February the 14th as she'll be the only one who's not showing off tacky tokens of false appreciation via her many social network accounts...

Well actually. No. I'm not single. I have been with my fiance for 6 years. I just see Valentine's day for what it is; concocted crass commercialism.  

As foolish men throughout the country scramble to book dinner reservations and buy giant greeting cards in time for next Tuesday. Wouldn't it be much nicer if it was on any other occasion that he unexpectedly strolled in from work clutching a bouquet of your favourite flowers ...rather than the predictable spray of a dozen roses that he feels obligated to buy because Interflora have told him so. 

Wouldn't it be more thoughtful if he spontaneously decided to take you out on any random Saturday afternoon, or wrote on a scruffy piece of paper ripped from a notepad that he loves you and left it on your pillow to discover?

I'm not saying this because I don't get spolit, I do! ...and it will forever irritate me. I'd much rather he save his money than pay over the odds for cards, lingerie or confectionary which deep down he feels pressured by society to purchase.

Why would I want a mass manufactured teddy Clinton Cards have suffocated in stylophone and marked up by 50% because of the date? By the following day it'll be acting as a dust collector in the bedroom or finding itself in a carry bag destined for the local charity shop quicker than you can say "Hello March". 

Will he still want to be my valentine next year if I get a taste for these luxury Thornton's chocolates and go up 3 dress sizes!?

...Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit but I'd much rather be pleasantly surprised by an act of kindness which money can't buy, rather than become involved in a ritual where you come to expect materialistic gifts whilst lining the pockets of greedy retailers. Whats romantic about that? 

Its him coming to pick me & my friends up when we're had too much to drink, meeting me at the Tube station when it's dark or looking after me when I'm poorly that makes me realise how much he loves me, not the tacky schmultz that can be bought by anyone for a price.
So what do you think? Agree or am I just a Valentine Scrooge?

Whilst you're deciding ...heres some Valentines images for you to enjoy! :)

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  1. Thanks again for reminding me being single… only joking!  love your Anti -Valentine’s Day post! love the funny element in it :)
    It is true though…. Sadly , today’s Valentine’s Day is more about buying the perfect present
    than showing real love and appreciation for each other! Xxx Marina

  2. I am also in a relationship and feel the same way. I'd much rather come home one night and see a nice meal made or being told we're going out than him saving it for the 14th. In the end I just go along with it.

  3. I totally agree! I really don't see the point in valentines day.

  4. HAHA totally agree, and I'd agree whether I was single or n a relationship, whole thing is just for the shops to make money! xxx

  5. ha ha great post - I love all your posts they make me giggle. As for V day - I do celebrate it with my bf but we aren't going out spending lots of money we haven't got on big crazy presents etc. Just a nice cute card, a bottle of wine and some food will make us happy :) (nothing unusual to any other day of the week lol)! x

  6. very cool blog - the last card is ace!! xx

  7. I do agree, but I think it's just a "holiday" or day really for people to just spend time together. Me and my boyfriend are living in Halls and its a 7 person flat and I'm pretty sure no one will bother us on valentines day :)
    I think you just have to take it as a bit of fun :)

  8. Thanks for the comment on my post, absolutely loved yours!! I completely agree, spontaneous romance is where its at, guys get it oh-so-wrong when they decide to limit such gestures to just this one day! xXx

  9. Those cards are hilarious hehe! I agree about Valentines, think it's a load of crap to be honest, and I'm not bitter and twisted either :P xx

  10. Great sentiments! I can never understand who buys those giant teddybears in card stores. Words would fail me if other half gave me one of those!