Project Perfect !

Inspired by the beautiful Amy at Flaws & All and also catching Channel 4's latest show Teens: The Naked Truth about Gok Wan's crusade to give trouble teens advice, confidence & the self-belief they need to tackle their body confidence issues & anxieties I decided to join in with Amy's genius 'Project Perfect' blog post.

It's not just teens that suffer with body confidence issues, I'm 26 and still find myself nitpicking at things I cannot change, being negative and comparing myself to the many flawless unachievable doctored images the conscious-less fashion world & mindless media promote. You only have to open a weekly magazine and witness criticism of Tulisia for 'Ballooning' to a size 12 on her recent holiday to Barbados. Ballooning? Size 12? Really...!?

I avoid shopping in Topshop now on principal because I was fed up of often finding their lines only stocked up to a size 12. Always plenty of size 6 & 8 available, and even the odd size 4! 

The average dress size for a female in the UK is actually a 16, which is completely healthy depending on your frame and height. Some of the online boutiques (Sorry Boohoo & Forever21 I love you but I'm looking at you!) state a 'Large' is aimed for healthy size 14's and would be enough to panic anyone into wanting to slim to fit into a Small or Medium.
From online size guide
Along with every other new year resolution-er; My January weight loss post and my experience with exercise DVDs post here shows our constant battle and obsession with loosing weight to confirm to the image society says is beautiful. I bet we all know someone (if not ourselves) who since January has posted about joining the gym, started a fitness class, or updated us on their weight loss via their social network sites.

Anyway, if you want to join in with 'Project Perfect' here's what you have to do...

1. Post a photo of yourself that you like, and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you don't like about yourself, but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State three things that you do like about yourself

So here's my Project Perfect post:

Ok I chose this picture because it was taken in Kavos. It reminds me of a great time in my life and a brilliant holiday with my Friend Sera. The pair of us went on our first 18-30's partying adventure! I like it because I look more natural compared to me now - it was before I discovered fake lashes & my tan was real... I also like it because it's 5 years old ha ha! 

Things I don't like about myself

1. My scraggly dead straight hair. If I want to curl it, its a big kerfuffle which I have to plan about a week in advance! This involves using half a bottle of setting lotion, 3 cans of hair spray and sitting in rollers for 5 hours before I'm due out - and it still drops after 10 minutes! I know some girls straighten their hair everyday to get my limp look ...I guess you always want what you haven't got!

2. I have big Granddad earlobes! My Mum says in Chinese proverbs this is meant to be lucky, but I think she just says that to make me feel better! For this reason you'll rarely spot me with my hair completely up, I know no one else probably notices them (well they will now!) ...but I'm conscious of them. Perhaps someone that likes many ear piercings would appreciate them more than me?!

3. My hips don't lie! 'child baring' my Mum calls them (again, good ol' Mum trying to make me feel better about my flaws!) they are huge! Along with my bum & thighs. I get annoyed as a lot of the fashions are better suited to boyish figures. I can't be seen dead in anything with a pattern on the bum! Some people may call this 'curvatious', but I think I look out of proportion. Even when I was quite skinny I've always had a shelf at the bottom of my back! At least I have a comfy landing when I go ice skating!

Things I do like about myself:

1. My height; i'm 5"8 so not overly tall, but tall enough to see over most heads at concerts which comes in handy. I'm also not a fan of large crowds of people and think I would panic feeling claustrophobic if I was shorter.

2. My lips. I used to hate them but now appreciate my full lips after witnessing some girls filling theirs with collagen to make them more plump. I also hope this justifies my unhealthy obsession with buying lipsticks on every visit to Boots!

3. My back - weird one huh? I'm not a fan of moles & see them a lot in fashion pages on models who are showing their backs off. I know this is something that cannot be helped but my back is clear and thankfully spot free ...and of course, most people are glad to see the back of mine! :)

Remember to check out Amy's original post here and leave any comments or links to your Project Perfect posts! x

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  1. Fab post hun! I'm loving reading all these Project Perfect posts - YAY FOR POSITIVITY!! :D xoxox

  2. This is a really great post, I always find myself picking at things I can't change too, but it's great to see you being so positive about the things you do love! I think your hair looks lovely in the pic! x

  3. Totally agree on clothes sizes, I wear a size 14, and I'm made to feel like an absolute heffer when I shop on some websites, it's actually depressing when a size 12-14 is the largest they have! makes me feel HUGE xxx

  4. Thank you for visited dear, I think this is a great post ^^
    I love a plump lips, I always use a lip gloss to make my lips look more fuller. lmao XD

  5. Congrats you have just won an award xxx

  6. This is just such an insipartional post :)! xx

  7. Loved reading yours, I also have done this post :)

  8. Loved reading this :) i'm so happy that Amy started it! It's such a great idea. I'm definitely going to have to do my own.
    I am exactly the same as you with the whole hips/bum/thighs thing. Mine are just too big for the rest of my body! It's definitely the thing i dislike most about my body.


  9. lovely post! very interesting :) nice blog you have here!


  10. Great topic and great post.
    I do watched Gok's teens programme and it was quite disturbing.
    Like yourself, Im mid-late twenties and although am starting to grow into dealing with me as me, there's still little things I'd love to change.. but we're british, we'll always find something to complain
    I too fall out with Topshop regularly, thier jean sizes if anything, make me scream! lol

  11. Great post, an interesting read.
    I can't stand how the media portrays anyone who's curvy and not a size 0.
    My little cousin who's 11 and absolutely tiny like size 6 small has confident issues. It's just shocking and sad.

  12. nice blog! the media is crazy when it comes to sizes! anyways.. men prefer them curvy :)

  13. Very interesting and cutest blog design! :3

  14. you have won a versatile blogger award :) xxxx

  15. Really inspiring post and very honest! :) xx

  16. This is such a good idea! I think Heat's the worse mag for criticizing other peoples looks, like they think it's really funny. I've got a totally boyish figure and would kill for curves, so I think you're so lucky! xx

  17. Good God, her body's totally alrite for the beach! Not very sure about big earlobes, but I know having fat ones means a lot of money will come your way :D

  18. Fab post hon ! I liked it very much =) very inspiring ! I am one of those abusing her hair with hair straighteners...I guess none of us is completely happy with what she has ! And I prefer curvy bums, mine is too and my hubby says it's sexier than a flat back ! :)
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  19. love this post! so good you said what you like about yourself aswell people are always highlighting their flaws
    just followed :)

  20. 100% agree with you, I can honestly say I had palpitations when I realised if I ordered anything from boohoo I would have to order it in a large, it makes you start to think your larger than what you are! I mean I know I'm not skinny...but large? I'm defo doing this post! Love your blog!

    B xxx

  21. I abuse my hair to get your straight haired look
    You are totally right about wanting what you can't have x)

  22. completely agree with you on this post - body issues are the only things "ballooning" these days! the media always dictates how to see ourselves and it's not healthy, I hope one day that will change. it's great that you make lists of what you like/dislike to put everything in perspective..but you should love everything about yourself cause you're beautiful! great blog!

  23. This is such a great idea. I was really moved by Gok's programme. I love your hair by the way!! And I also love being tall :)

  24. This is such a lovely post (and with some seriously valid points, particularly about comments regarding anyone 'ballooning' to a size 12, then next week complaining they've become 'scarily thin' - it's shocking!) I have 'childbearing hips', too, so I definitely get where you're coming from, it's so frustrating that so many trends are directed at frames with less curves, especially with bodycon skirts etc, not the most flattering ha :/
    That photo of you is gorgeous, by the way - no straggly hair there! xx

  25. So SO good, completely agree with everything said and as I felt when watching Gok, it's always comforting to know everyone else has things they don't like about themselves too. I'm following your incredible blog :)

    Grace xx

  26. thts a good post! good idea :)

  27. *ouh and also i would love to have your hair!

  28. I love this post and your blog! So cute! I can't wait to read more!!!! Xo Lori

    PS your hair is beyond gorgeous!

  29. Great post, and you can always guarentee that if there is something you don't like about yourself, others will be so jealous of you for having it - like your straight hair!

  30. Mums are just so helpful. Pppfffttttt.


  31. I really enjoyed reading this post :)
    Lovely blog! x

  32. The design of your blog is amazing!!
    ♡ ♡ ♡