The Wardrobe Detox

In coinciding with my annual 'get fit its January' plans (as discussed here) I recognised that my body isn't the only thing thats suffering from overspill! I am of course referring to my bulging wardrobe which is long overdue a clear out...

As I began rooting through my wardrobes it occurred to me that I don't actually wear 70% of its contents. A lot of the garments have been occupying the same hangers since they were bought. From false economy sale buys to clothes intact with tags that I was too lazy to return to the store. 

Here was some of my 'dust collecting' haul:

Those 'I'll get into them one day' jeans, the waistline of which seems to shrink every time I rediscover them. Boxed 8inch platform shoes which make me walk like an intoxicated penguin and the reason why I'd never ventured further than then front door in them. On finding multiple packets of unopened coloured tights I made a mental note to myself that what looks good on the models in Glamour's fashion pages doesn't necessarily look good on me. 

6 formal dresses I bought for the weddings I'm yet to be invited too, redundant fancy dress costumes & a pair of awful Aztec design leggings which turn heads for the wrong reasons even on the most svelte size 6 frames - let alone wrapped around my tree trunk legs. The comfy boots desperate for a reheel but have been worn beyond repair. Ugly Birkenstock sandals in every colour imaginable. That silver foil Gaga-esq frock from ASOS which makes me look like a quality street and the mentally unsound purchase of a blonde faux fur coat which on wearing I'm often mistaken as a relative of The Honey Monster.

Moving to my accessories fairs no better; theres piles of unworn Primark & Forever 21 jewellery which I bought on the premise it was cheap, not necessarily to my taste. Pictured above is a trunk packed with clunky chunky bangles which hadn't been opened for at least 8 months. Lone gloves stuffed into a draw missing their long-lost partners. A collection of  unworn winter hats. Hair fascinators which even in the unlikely off chance I actually attend Ascot, I won't be needing 23 of them. There's also head bands better suited to children under the age of 12, a statement which hasn't stop me from owning a draw full. Pins & broaches packed away in a box, which is why I forever forget to affix them any to outfits.

I also haven't worn earrings for about 8 years - but of course I still happily buy & hoard them! 

How many variations of red nail polish does one girl need? Not to mention the duplicate bottles I'd forgotten I already had. Along with nail files, buffers, stickers, art pens, cuticle sticks & acrylics.  

With my make up I'm just as frivolous; accidentally buying foundation for black skin. I wish I could say I concocted this statement to make this post more interesting, but sadly it is true. I've also stock piled pink eye shadow just in case that hayfever/chlorine irritated eye look is in Vogue next season - at least I'll be prepared. 

& kirby grips... no matter how immaculately tidy my bedroom is, I will always find a wayward grip staring at me from the floor/a shelf/my dressing table. Where on earth do they come from!?

I plan to eBay most of the clothes & resalable items to try and recuperate some of the frivolously squandered cash (but more about eBay in a future post). I'll also donate a generous percentage to my local charity shop. 

At least a deserving cause will also benefit from my spendthrift ways. 

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  1. Oh my gosh girly, I'm in the same boat!!!

    I have SO MUCH. of EVERYTHING.

    TOO MUCH, in fact.

    I did my winter cleaning before Christmas and fortunately have kicked my crazy shopping habits, so I'm doing quite well *so far*. Haha!

    I think I just need a bigger house, LOL

  2. Everything in this post is soo me! I need a big clear out - Love this 'Those 'I'll get into them one day' jeans, the waistline of which seems to shrink every time I rediscover them.'

  3. Couldn't stop laughing at the kirby grip situation aha. EVERYWHERE! xx

  4. I love your blog :) Super pretty. Now following! xx

  5. such a nice blog! i feel like british know so much about fashion and beauty. :) love that closet... enjoyed your blog, and i am your new follower. maybe you'll have time to visit me someitmes. cheers!

  6. You write just like sophie kinsella. completely engaging, witty, one of those blogs that makes me ACTUALLY read every sentence :D

  7. Can you post your ebay links?
    another girls trash is another girls treasure!