Tribute via fashion...?

Move over Madonna, it look's like legendary fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has ditched his famous cone boobs for influence from a different pop icon. His new Spring Summer 2012 haute couture collection was inspired by musical talent Amy Winehouse. 

The show - unveiled today - was soundtracked by Amy's biggest chart smashes and featured runway models sporting Amy's trademark beehive up do, drawn on beauty spot and lashings of heavy liquid liner. 

The theme of the collection was nipped in waists, sporty collars, polka dots & 50's pencil skirts - much like the singers symbolic style. Gaultier had even adapted his well known busiter creations to conform with the Black To Black singers theme. 

With some models even clutching cigarettes, imagery often associated with the late singer during her troubled times, some critics have declared the show in bad taste and the collection was not entirely well received. 

The biggest critic of all being Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, who took to Twitter to say "We don't support the John Paul Galtier (sic) collection. It is in bad taste."

Amy had previously dabbled in the world of fashion by collaborating with her favourite designer Fred Perry, a tennis-like dress which featured in Gaultier's collection from which it was obviously inspired.  

I do feel permission should have been sought from Amy's family first - perhaps the French designer will make a generous donation to Amy's charity The Amy Winehouse Foundation on hearing that Amy's family were not pleased with her legacy being used in this way.  

What do you think? A fitting tribute, or an ill advised publicity stunt to promote the designers latest collection? 

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  1. those are some fabulous outfits!


  2. I'm not very keen on this. I think as good a singer as she was nobody really cared too much until she died and now she's talked about like the best singer and most-loved icon. It just seems like a bit of a lie to just promote their clothes. I do think it was a bit cruel to not consult her family either! x

  3. I hate this collection and he definitely should have sought permission from her family or at least not made the models such a 'spitting image' of Winehouse - very poor taste indeed! x

  4. Hey, I've nominated you for an award! Check my blog for the deets :)

  5. Oooh I agree with you, they should have definitely checked with her family. Or make a donation. Fab writing, I'm now following :)

    Livvy (

  6. its difficult because he was trying to celebrate her style But the family disapproved. its sad.
    Btw. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award, love. Congrats. you deserve it

  7. Such an interesting post! I love your blog and would love it if you had a look at mine!

  8. I definitely agree with you on this. The clothing is very beautiful though. Following your blog now :)


  9. this collection is so amazing! xoxo