Disposable Eye Shadow ?

ColorOn Eye Envy Transfers (£25) are single use eye shadow applicators which come in an array of colours and designs. 

I'm generally quite good with make up application, but I've always had a love-hate relationship with eye shadow. I guarantee i'll end up with more particles of my Mac Pro Longwear in 'Weathered' down my already made up cheeks than I do below my brow, resulting careful cotton bud maneuverers 10 minutes before I'm due out. 

This usually results in a hissy fit because said cotton bud has removed ALL make up from my cheek and I have to start again from scratch.

...so this blood pressure lowering invention has me intrigued! 

All you have to do is simply press the pre shaped paper to your eye lid, hold for a few seconds then peel off the backing pad. I'm a little dubious due to our many different eye shapes, how can this work? 

Unlike false lashes it seems cutting these transfers to size isn't possible without losing some of the colour gradient in the design - and removing any part of the transfer would kind of defeat the object in using them in the first place.

The transfers are waterproof, creaseproof, long wearing & there is no need for brushes or secondary applicators. There is a range of colours and designs ranging from subtle daytime to smouldering evening looks which suit every ethnicity and skin tone.  

ColorOn assures consumers of nothing less than a professional, flawless look every time. 

I maybe tempted to buy into this on very special occasions, but due to the hefty retail price for this single wear revelation I'm thinking it maybe better for my bank balance if I start practicing my eye shadow application technique instead ...and my ability to hold kitchen towel against my cheek when doing so!

RRP £25. Available in larger Boots stores from Spring. 
ColourOn Professional does not test products on animals. 

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  1. What what an interesting product! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

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  3. I agree with the eye shapes! How is that going to work? I saw these in a magazine and was like....wow, I don't know how those are going to work but I want to try them.

    Try them for us and tell us what you think ;D

    Check out my blog if you like :)


    I have a new post on newspaper nails :D

  4. Great post, I have wanted to try out these but as they are expensive I will hold off until i have a few more pennies :) x

  5. I've seen these in a few magazines and I've wondered to myself if they actually work I guess the only way to find out is to try. But they are quite pricey aren't they. Great post!

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  6. Wow that looks handy, I suck at ajusting eyeshadow :P


  7. im ALWAYS tempted by these but i never assume they would work for some reason..

    cute blog im following! :) xo

  8. These look great and very tempting !
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    Beth Viveash

  9. this invention is really cool, I guess for times when you got no time to do make up you can always carry a few of these in your bags!!

  10. these look really fun for special occasions! :) I love the design of your blog by the way! xo

  11. Love the idea but not the price tag !
    I think if this becomes popular maybe more brands will bring out cheaper versions !

  12. I've seen this before too. I don't think I would trust myself with these, I fell like I would waste 100 before I actually got one to work right!

  13. seriously this is my first time see something like this *O*, looks hard to do, I think this not suit my eye shape ;_;

  14. thats totally great!

  15. I have been looking at these online too...I think they seem like an awesome idea but they are definitely waaay to expensive! I agree Launa that other brands may bring out cheaper versions...

    Really lovely blog too- happy to be your newest follower!

    I'm a new blogger just starting on my little 'Wonderland', would love it if you came and had a look amberroseC.blogspot.com


  16. I'm intrigued by the idea of the leopard prints ones, my cack-handedness means doing it free hand is near impossible. Cute blog.

  17. really like your blog! interesting variety, I'm too scared to invest the money and take the plunge with these so I'm going to practice practice practice instead :) x


  18. sounds interesting and i would like to try it at least once but its so expensive. :(


  19. I wanted to try these but havent been able to fine any where that sells them. £25 for one application is way over priced x

  20. These are NOT single use. I get over 10 uses out of each strip and with 5 stips n a box that's 50 times. I know where eyeshadow every day which I would never hav dreamed of before and I get both eyes done in under a minute. These are absolutely amazing but as new concept I think most people are either confused or suspicious of them.